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Matthew SchwartzStudent Spotlight

Matthew Schwartz
Richmond, VA

I honestly chose the University of Memphis because it was far from home! It gave me a chance to be independent from my family, and has more than exceeded my expectations. I have become involved in projects and organizations that interest me, found a group of friends who will be lifelong, and explored a city that has a lot to offer.

Career Goals

Believe it or not, you are at a stage in your life where you should seriously begin planning for the future. One of the fundamental objectives to consider is how you will prepare yourself for a career. Do you have aspirations of being a public servant, medical or business professional, educator, engineer, or scientist? At this point in your life, in consultation with your parents, it is your decision to make.

To be successful in any career path, it is imperative that you begin preparing yourself now. You may be experiencing the typical "why do I have to study...", "I'll never use this skill...", or "this is just a waste of time". You should do everything possible to shake off this attitude and realize that EVERYTHING you learn is making you a better person and a more desirable candidate to universities and potential employers.

To help you plan for the future, below are a few points you should keep in the forefront of your mind and make every effort to implement in the early years of high school.

1. Stay on track and strive to do the best you can in all of your high school subjects.
2. Identify your strengths and determine what career path those strengths will be most effective.
3. Narrow your career choices and establish goals necessary to get on and follow a career path.





These suggestions are just the first few steps to preparing for the future. Keep in mind that you will have many hurdles to overcome, but your objective should be to stay focused on your career choice and realize that in the end this journey will reward you with success.

Listed below are three of many internet resources that provide facts which influence career choice and addresses the importance of goal setting. You are encouraged to do your own search to broaden this list and discover for yourself the importance of setting career goals.

As you approach graduation from high school, the Office of Admissions welcomes your inquiries and invites you to explore the resources and academic majors offered by the University of Memphis.

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