Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market program allows students from select states to pay Tennessee resident tuition while completing their degree at the University of Memphis.

  • Available if home state does not offer desired degree
  • Eligibility determined in one of the 16 participating states
  • Open to graduate and undergraduate students
  • Requires completion of admissions process

Visit the Southern Regional Education Board to see which programs are available in which states. Colton Cockrum is the contact (901.678.4715) at the University of Memphis for this program.


ACT-GPA and Scholarships

With the rising costs of higher education, it's becoming more and more important that students strive to perform to the best of their ability while in high school. Excellence in academics is rewarded in college by various scholarship offers which often meet the full financial needs of funding a college education. The two primary factors used to determine scholarship eligibility, for an academic scholarship, are the high school gpa and the score received on the entrance examination (ACT/SAT). For instance, at the University of Memphis, to be considered for one of our academic scholarships, a student must present a minimum high school gpa of 3.0 or above and a minimum ACT/SAT of 25/1130. Our more prestigious awards are based on demonstrated academic excellence. You must apply and be admitted by December 1 to be considered for an academic scholarship. If you feel you may qualify for any one of the scholarships offered by the University of Memphis, you are encouraged to apply for admission early in your senior year of high school. Following admission to the University, you will be notified of your scholarship eligibility and the scholarship you will be awarded if you accept the offer of admission.

While still in high school, you are encouraged to focus your attention in all of your subjects in order to achieve the excellence scholarships demand. Dedicate significant time and effort in preparing for the ACT/SAT examination. Your efforts will likely be rewarded with scholarship offers that will assist in easing the financial burden of funding your college education.

The Office of Admissions welcomes you to review the list of scholarships (and requirements) awarded at the University of Memphis by visiting the Scholarship Office online.


Application Acknowledgement

Following completion and successful submission of the online application, you will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt.

One to three business days after submitting your application (online or paper) you will receive an official acknowledgement message. The acknowledgement message will arrive in your personal e-mail account (if provided on the application) or by standard mail.

The acknowledgement message will provide you information on how your application is being processed, including term of application and student level. This information is important for you to know in the event something is incorrect on the application – you can contact our office to correct it. Please note: Once an application has been submitted online, you will be unable to make corrections or updates yourself.

You will also receive your University of Memphis assigned ID in the acknowledgement message. This ID is referred to as your student ID, Banner ID, or U number. The ID is important as you move through the admissions / enrollment process.

This acknowledgment message should not be confused with an offer of acceptance.


Apply for International Admission

Students should choose the application that best fits their intentions. Applications are generally available approximately one year before the term the student wishes to enter.  Readmission is available to those who previously enrolled at the University of Memphis and are now seeking to return.

International Degree-Seeking Applications

  • International Undergraduate Application 
    • For all international freshman, transfer, or readmit applicants on an F or J visa
    • If you are applying as a readmit, select the "Readmission Application" after logging in to avoid paying the application fee

Additional Information for International Undergraduate Applicants


Career Goals

Now that you have determined your possible career path, you should set goals (both long- term and short-term goals) and begin to work toward that chosen career.  Below are several suggestions that may be helpful:

1. Determine which academic major will keep you on track to achieve success in your career path
2. Participate in activities and volunteer work that will enhance your skills and enable you to establish a solid background of excellence
3. Build a network of peers who share your same aspirations
4. Get to know a mentor who can guide and encourage you in your career path
5. Frequently research career opportunities in your field to better understand expectations and requirements


Career Plan

As a high school student, you are currently at a stage in your life where you should begin planning for the future. One of the fundamental objectives to consider is how you will prepare yourself for a successful career.

To help you plan for the future, below are a few points you should apply to your college search process in the early years of high school to help you toward the end.

1. Stay on track and strive to do the best you can in all your high school endeavours 
2. Identify your strengths and determine what career path fits those strengths
3. Narrow your career choices and establish goals necessary to discover a career path

As you approach your high school graduation, the Office of Admissions welcomes your inquiries and invites you to explore the resources and academic majors offered by the University of Memphis.


Contact the Office of Admissions

Use the Form Below to Contact Undergraduate Admissions

First Name:
Last Name:
Banner ID (see note below):
Email Address:
Current Status:
* If you are a current student or a recent applicant and know your Banner ID (e.g. U00123456), please provide it for identification.

Mailing Addresses

      Undergraduate Admissions
      University of Memphis 
      101 Wilder Tower
      Memphis, TN 38152-3520

Phone Numbers

  • 901.678.2111 with questions about undergraduate applicants
  • 800.669.2678 for toll free/long distance
  • 901.678.2169 for general questions about the University


Transfer Equivalency Table Disclaimer

The equivalency tables contain a list of courses that transfer from a growing list of colleges and universities to the University of Memphis. The tables are displayed with the transfer school's course prefixes, numbers, and titles on the left with the UofM's course prefixes, numbers, titles and credit awarded on the right.   The equivalency table is not an official credit evaluation, but it serves as a valuable guide to understanding what credit evaluation will likely be granted to you when you begin at the University. You still must meet with an academic advisor to know how any transfer credits will be applied to your degree requirements.


Focus on Academics

Completing a college education has become one of the most important achievements a student can attain in life. Therefore, it is important that you focus your efforts on your high school academics and studystudystudy. Successful completion of high school represents a solid foundation for success in college.

Research college admission requirements as you go along in high school to insure that you are on track to complete the requirements you need.  You are encouraged to view the University of Memphis' First Time Freshman Application Requirements as well.

In order to structure your high school schedule to prepare you for college appropriately, you can review the academic majors offered by the University.


Graduate Admissions

The University of Memphis offers Master's and Doctoral degrees in many disciplines through the University's various colleges and schools. Admission to the Graduate School is open to anyone holding a bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited college or university. Graduate students are admitted to the University of Memphis through a cooperative effort of the Office of Admissions, the Graduate School and the departments, colleges and schools of the University. Over 20 percent of our students are doing graduate work.

The information on this page is specifically for graduate students (students who hold a bachelor's or master's degree). If you are applying as an international graduate student, please follow the International option from the main menu on this site. If you are applying as a law student, you should visit the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law web site.


Meet with Your Guidance Counselor

Throughout your high school career issues arise that may require help from others. One of the most influential people available to you, and one you should periodically meet with, is your high school counselor. Your school counselor will have resources available to assist you with issues including college preparation while in high school. In addition, they can be beneficial in your choosing the right college or university.

40 .

Information on I-20 Documents and Visas

Applicants who plan to enter the US using an F-1 visa will need to first complete all Admissions Office requirements for academic purposes, and then work with the International Students Services to complete data requirements for a form I-20.

The International Student Services will need to see both proof of full admission and full financial documentation in order to prepare and send the I-20. For questions on the F-1 visa, US Department of Homeland Security regulations for international students or SEVIS issues, please visit the International Student Services.


International Students

University of Memphis welcomes students from all over the world, with 84 foreign countries currently represented in our student body. An international student is someone who will be attending college in the United States on an F-1 visa.

The Center for International Education Services (CIES) assists more than 1,000 foreign and international exchange students on our campus. The CIES supports international students by providing advice on immigration matters, employment, taxation, cultural adjustment and other practical issues. The office conducts an international student orientation each semester, coordinates insurance information and assists with International Night and other cultural functions. The office insures the University is in compliance with the United States Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) which reports directly to U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

42 . If you prefer to complete and mail a paper application, please click here.

Importance of Math and Writing


Nearly every course you'll take in college will involve extensive composition and writing. The ability to write well is not exclusive to English courses in college. We have included a few suggestions you may want to consider to enhance your composition and writing skills to better prepare yourself for college.

1. Research and become familiar with different methods of writing
2. Gather input from your parents and teachers on your writing clarity
3. Study writing styles from various subject perspectives
4. Compare the differences in a literature term paper and a business proposal written for a management class
5-a. Practice your writing skills by drafting brief summaries of newspaper or magazine articles
5-b. Read the written summaries several weeks later and critique them for clarity and sensibility
5-c. Have others read and explain their understanding of the summaries with you


Being able to think and reason analytically is also extremely important to college success.  The ability to perform mathematical calculations will be required in many courses ranging from Algebra, Accounting, FInance, and Statistics - to name only a few.

Students often talk about how math is one of their weaknesses, but you can do something about it.  Like anything else, putting more effort into math may make the difference between fearing it and revering it.  You cannot hide from math in college, so it is important to develop that skill set as soon as you can.

The University of Memphis provides tutoring services to admitted students through the ESP program (Educational Support Program).  U of M students can utilize these tutoring services for a wide variety of courses, but many requests for tutoring come from math.


Non-Degree Transient Requirements

Transient students are one of several classifications of non-degree status.  These students take classes at UofM and transfer them back to their home institution. Like all non-degree classifications, there is no “major” for a transient student candidate, but they should indicate they plan to return to their current institution.

Transient Students should understand the following:

  • Financial aid is not available to transient students at UofM.
  • There is a maximum of 24 credits that can be earned in a non-degree category. 
  • There is no need to submit official transcripts and supporting documents to be offered admission. 
    • Should a candidate decide to formally transfer to UofM, these documents will be required at time.
  • Because transient student enrollment will ultimately be transferred back to a home institution, there is no professional advising required at UofM.
    • Transient students must still take curricular pre-requisites to take certain classes.
    • An unofficial transcript from a home institution may be necessary to confirm these pre-requisites.

Transient (Transfer) Student Application


PEP - Benefits to Enrolling

Benefits for participating in PEP include:

  • Admission to the University of Memphis while you are completing your associate degree.  You must comply with requirements.
  • Priority pre-registration for University courses for your first semester after graduation.
  • Academic advising and transfer credit information from both the community college and UofM advisors throughout your tenure in the program.
  • Degree requirements are locked-in at the time you enter the program. 
  • Application fee exemption when transferring to the University in the PEP program.
  • Access to UofM facilities and services such as the library and Art Museum.
  • Access to Student Affairs and Athletics prior to transferring permanently
  • The option to purchase:
    • Access to parking at $30.00 per semester
    • Access to Campus Recreation & Intramural Services + Student Activities $65/semester AND/OR
    • Access to Student Athletic events via payment of FT Student Athletics Fee $225/semester


PEP - Contacts

To speak with someone about the Partnership Enrollment Program, you may contact any one of the offices below.

Dyersburg State Community College One Stop Center

Student Center - Dyersburg Campus
1510 Lake Road
Dyersburg, TN 38024

Jackson State Community College

Robin Marek
Director of Admissions
2046 N. Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301-3797

Mid-South Community College


Southwest Tennessee Community College

Macon Campus
5983 Macon Cove

Union Campus
737 Union Ave

University of Memphis

Office of Admissions
101 Wilder Tower


PEP - Eligibility

Transfer students wishing to participate in Partnership Enrollment Program (PEP) will be admitted to the University of Memphis provided they:          

  • Enroll at a partner community college in a university track associate's degree (A.A/A.S) program & meet current admission criteria
  • Earn fewer than 30 college credits at the time they enter the PEP
  • Complete the associate degree with a minimum overall combined 2.0 GPA as computed by the University of Memphis (Individual departmental requirements may be higher for admission purposes)
  • Transfer in good academic standing from their previous institution
  • Transfer in compliance with the code of conduct at their previous institution
  • Do not attend another institution between the time you graduate from the partner community college and formally enroll at the University of Memphis
  • Enroll in the University of Memphis within one year of completing the associate’s degree at the partner community college



What is the Partnership Enrollment Program (PEP) with the University of Memphis?

Beginning fall 2009, the University of Memphis partnered with community colleges in the West Tennessee and border county areas to offer a Partnership Enrollment Program that guarantees university admission to any student who completes the associate's degree university track (A.A.or A.S.). The agreement benefits students by reducing the total cost of higher education by encouraging students to complete the associate's degree at the community college. Students also benefit from improved and collaborative academic advising and by completion of joint admissions contracts. This agreement provides general admission to the University of Memphis.  Some academic programs may have their own additional process (for example, Nursing) for which admission to the actual program must be secured separately.  Requirements for admission to individual academic programs may vary. By making this choice early in their academic career, students will receive advising and access to some University of Memphis services and activities prior to their admission to the UofM.

What are the benefits of enrolling under the Partnership Enrollment Program Agreement?

If you enroll in the Partnership Enrollment Program with the University of Memphis and complete an associate's degree university track (AA/AS) at a participating partner community college, you will:

  • Enjoy the benefits of academic counseling from a University of Memphis Transfer Advisor
  • Be eligible to participate in priority pre-registration in University courses for your first semester after community college graduation.
  • Be released from completing the University of Memphis application when transferring
  • Have the transfer application fee (currently $25) waived.
  • Receive access to Campus Recreation & Intramural Services + Student Activities - $65/semester AND/OR
  • Receive access to student athletic events via payment of FT student athletic fee - $225/semester
  • Receive access to a parking permit - $30/ per semester


PEP - Description

The University of Memphis partners with area community colleges to offer guaranteed admission to transfer students who complete an associate’s degree (A.A. or A.S.) following the University track. This agreement reduces the cost of one’s higher education dramatically. By making this choice early in their academic career, students receive advising and access to some University of Memphis services and activities prior to their admission at the University. Requirements for admission to individual academic programs may vary.

Current partner community colleges include:


PEP - Transfer and Advising

Transfer students in the Partnership Enrollment Program (PEP) program will be assigned a transfer advisor from the University of Memphis to work directly with the student and the community college advisor. Together, this team recommends courses that will not only meet the requirements for the associate's degree, but these courses will provide the most effective transfer of credits to the University of Memphis.

Advising will be ongoing throughout the student's enrollment at the partner community college and continue through their enrollment at the University.


Begin Preparation for the ACT/SAT

So you're doing very well in high school - you have a good grade point average. What more should you be concerned with? The ACT and/or the SAT are the two primary college entrance examinations taken by American high school students. Your ability to perform well on these exams is critical for university admissions. The average entrance exam score of incoming University of Memphis freshmen is 22 on the ACT and 1040 on the SAT. However, you should keep in mind that the higher your score (in combination with your GPA), the greater your chances of being scholarship eligible.

You are encouraged to begin preparation early for the ACT or SAT and take practice tests whenever possible. Preparation resources, and practice tests are available online for the ACT and the SAT. Your high school guidance counselor will be able to provide you additional information in regards to preparing for the exam/s.


Registration Procedures

First-Time Freshmen for Fall

  • Required to attend a New Student Orientation session
  • Notified regarding specific times and dates
  • Scheduled from late-spring through mid-summer
  • Will meet with advisor, register for classes and have student ID made during orientation
  • For more information visit New Student Orientation

First-Time Transfer and other Undergraduate Students Advising

  • Contact your advisor for academic advice and course recommendations
  • Advisor will clear you to register on your myMemphis
  • Locate your Advisor
  • Questions regarding prescribed, pre-major courses, contact the Academic Counseling Unit at 901.678.2062.
  • Questions regarding Accuplacer testing, contact the Testing Center at 901.678.2428

Graduate Students

  • Degree seeking students contact the department of major for advising
  • Advisor will clear you to register on myMemphis portal
  • Non-degree seeking students may register without advisor clearance

Register for Classes

  • Register Online
  • Set up your myMemphis account using the 20-digit account code provided on your admission letter
  • Authenticate your Universal User ID and password to create your university email address
  • Contact the IT Helpdesk at 901.678.8888 if your twenty-digit account code is misplaced
  • Register early to avoid cancellation

Pay Fees

Get your Campus Card/Student ID 

  • 115 Wilder Tower (Main Campus)
  • 109 Varnell-Jones Hall (Lambuth Campus)


Adult Students

Adult students are defined as being 21 years of age or older when they start college for the first time. In addition to providing an official copy of their high school transcript, these students must take the ACCUPLACER exam in place of either an ACT or SAT standardized exam.

Adult students may have either a regular high school diploma or a GED/HiSET and still be considered for admission. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information about their academic and career goals.


GED or HiSET Applicant Requirements

Students who successfully complete the General Education Diploma Test (GED) or the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) must have the official exam results submitted to the Office of Admissions. The minimum requirement for admission is an average score of 450 or 45 respectively.

GED/HiSET applicants must submit ACT or SAT scores if under 21 years of age. Those applicants older than 21 must provide an ACCUPLACER exam instead of the ACT or SAT.


Home School Applicant Requirements

Home school graduates must comply with state law by submitting proof of registration with the local education agency which the child would otherwise attend. This document must be submitted with the high school transcript at the time an application is being considered for admission.

High school curriculum requirements are the same for students who are home schooled as they are for those in traditional high school settings.

Students can choose to take either the ACT, the SAT, or both in support of their application for admission. All scores, including sub-scores, are necessary when evaluating any student for admission and must be submitted directly from the testing agency itself.

For more information about the academic requirements, visit the First-Time Freshman Application Requirements page.


Residency - Employment and Military Exceptions

Some students have not lived in Tennessee for a calendar year as adults before they enroll.  Typically, these students would be identified as non-residents for tuition purposes.  Two common exemptions exist, however:

  • Students who are employed in Tennessee full-time can enroll at the University of Memphis in a part-time capacity (fewer than 12 credits) during that first year of living in Tennessee and enroll as a resident for tuition purposes.
    • Must provide written confirmation of full-time employment on company letterhead from the employer/supervisor.
  • Active duty members of the military can also enroll as residents for tuition purposes regardless of the individual's home state of record
    • Must have written orders that station the individual within the state of Tennessee to qualify.


Residency Information

For the complete policy and rules on residency, click here.

The UofM's residency policy can be summarized as follows:

  1. If a student’s primary source of support is the parents, then at least one of the parents must be a resident of the state of Tennessee for the student to count as in-state.

    NOTE: If a student has begun his or her studies as an in-state student, the student stays in-state as long as he or she remains continuously enrolled even if the parent subsequently moves to another state.
  2. If the student is “emancipated,” i.e. not supported primarily through the parents, a student must have their “domicile” in the state of Tennessee.
    1. Normally, a student establishes domicile by residing in Tennessee for at least two regular (fall or spring) semesters before enrolling full-time at a college or university in Tennessee.
    2. Students who have been residents of Tennessee for less than the normal period must clearly establish that they moved to Tennessee for reasons other than educational purposes before enrolling at a college or university in Tennessee. Some examples of documentation could be copies of a lease or mortgage information, TN driver’s license, utility bill, TN voter’s registration, etc.
  3. As long as an out-of-state student is continuously enrolled full-time at an institution of higher-education in Tennessee, the assumption is that they are here primarily for educational purposes.
  4. The spouse of a student classified as in-state shall also be classified as in-state. (Note: the spouse must be a student. A copy of the marriage certificate should be provided)
  5. An out-of-state student attending the University of Memphis on a part-time basis (11 hrs max for undergraduate students and 8 hrs max for graduate students) may pay fees at an in-state rate in a given semester if they can establish, prior to the beginning of the semester, that he or she is employed full-time in the state of Tennessee. A letter of employment must be provided by the employer each semester. Information should be included verifying that the student is employed full-time (minimum of 37.5 hours per week.)
  6. An active duty military personnel whose ‘Home of Record’ is Tennessee but who is stationed elsewhere is  considered an in-state student for fee paying purposes.
  7. Applicants who provide evidence that they have been transferred by their employer to Tennessee will be considered in-state. A letter from the employer is required prior to the beginning of the semester for documentation.
  8. In addition to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, certain non-immigrants who hold visas from particular categories are eligible to establish domicile in the U.S. and in Tennessee, and thus become eligible for in-state tuition rates.  Such persons are eligible for in-state tuition upon proof that they have initiated proceedings to become a permanent resident or become naturalized, thus establishing the intent to remain permanently in the U.S., coupled with standard evidence of "domicile".  Contact the Admissions Office for more information.
  9. Non-immigrant visa holders who have been approved for Permanent Residency status must provide one the following as documentation to be considered an in-state student for fee paying purposes; congratulatory letter from Homeland Security, stamped passport, or copy of green card. Asylum and refugee classifications are considered to be Permanent Residents.  A copy of the I-94 card is required.

Admissions/non-resident Fee Waivers

1.   Academic Common Market

2.   Border County fee waivers 

3.   Employed full-time in Tennessee/Enrolled part-time

4.   Military – Active duty military and their dependents stationed in Tennessee regardless of their ‘Home of Record’ will be eligible to pay in-state fees.

Bursar Fee Discounts/Waivers


Please refer to the policies posted on the site for a precise and detailed description. The Office of Admissions is also available to answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at 901-678-2111.


Recruiting the Top 10 Percent of High School Graduates

The University of Memphis is pleased to introduce the Talented 10% recruitment initiative.  Classified by the prestigious Carnegie Foundation as a Research University with High Activity (RU/HA) and the university with the largest Honors Program in the state, the UofM plans to cast a wider net across the country to attract the top 10 percent of every graduating high school class to contribute to the generation of new scholarship and innovative ideas.

This recruitment initiative will intensify the UofM’s focus on academic excellence, enhance its national and regional diversity, increase access, and extend its efforts to target students whose multiple intelligences and talents are exhibited in a variety of ways.

A primary goal of the state of Tennessee and at the University of Memphis is to increase degree completion rates. National data continue to show that high academic performance during the high school years is one of the best predictors of timely graduation. Jon Erickson, former president of the ACT, stated in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education that the ACT score is one quality measure. “I still see the high school record and transcript as being definitive. That’s long-term behavior, which is typically your best predictor of success in college.”

How do we create a more knowledgeable and informed citizenry to become leaders of the future? “There can be but one answer: The best and most capable of our youth must be schooled in the colleges and universities of the land” (W.E.B. Du Bois, 1903). The University of Memphis aims to become the destination institution for the top 10 percent of high school seniors across the country.


Email Submission Instructions

Upon completing and submitting the Transfer Credit Request form, you will be presented a "Select Email Client" window (see below).  You will need to select one of the two options before proceeding.

Option 1.  If you are completing and submitting the Transfer Credit Request form from a computer running an e-mail application (i.e. Outlook), select the first option (Desktop Email Application). This option will open an new e-mail message with the To: field, Subject: field, and message already filled in, and the TCR.pdf file attached. Press send.

Option 2.  If you are completing and submitting the Transfer Credit Request form from a computer without an e-mail application account configured on the computer, you will need to select the second option (Internet Email).  This option will allow you to save the file on the local drive (save the file as TCR.pdf).  Once you've saved the file, you will need to open your web-based e-mail (i.e. ummail, Gmail, yahoo, etc...) and address a new e-mail message to admissions@memphis.edu and attach the saved file to the e-mail. If the computer you are using is publicly accessible (i.e. Tigerlan), you are advised to delete the file immediately after sending.

<<< Return to TCR Instructions

Email Select Option


Apply for UofM Global Admission

UofM Global applicants should choose the application that best fits their intentions. All applications below are available for both domestic and international applicants.  Applications are generally available approximately one year before the term the applicant wishes to enter.  Readmission is available to those who previously enrolled at the University of Memphis and are now seeking to return.  

Application for Undergraduates

Application for Graduates