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Bobby BellStudent Spotlight

Bobby Bell
Clarksville, TN
Biomedical Engineering

Memphis was the perfect distance from home, and was an affordable yet quality option for me. The Bio-Medical Engineering program is a great catalyst for me and my medical school aspirations.

Transfer Equivalency Table Disclaimer
The equivalency tables contains an historical list of courses that students have transferred from a growing list of colleges and universities to the University of Memphis. The tables are displayed with the transfer school's course prefixes, numbers, and titles on the left (shaded in gray), with the U of M's course prefixes, numbers, titles and credit awarded on the right (shaded in blue). If you are considering transferring to the University of Memphis and would like to know which of the classes you have taken at other schools may transfer, read the information below, acknowledge your understanding of the information presented, and click the link to go to the equivalency tables.

When referring to these tables please keep in mind:

  • The table returned will list all transfer courses as of the date on the table. This table is for your reference only.
  • These tables do not provide a guarantee of how courses taken at other institutions will satisfy degree requirements at the U of M. It is a guide based on past experience of transfer students. For final and authoritative decision regarding any transfer courses, you must have your transcript evaluated by the U of M's Office of Admissions and meet with your U of M academic advisor.
  • These tables indicate how courses have been and may transfer to the U of M. You should not use this table to ascertain which courses taken at the U of M will transfer to other institutions.
  • These tables only lists courses that have actually been transferred and/or evaluated for transfer to the U of M. Consequently, if some of your courses/schools do not appear on the list, they probably have not been evaluated for transfer by the U of M. To determine which courses may transfer, ALL transfer students will be required to have official transcripts submitted for evaluation by the Office of Admissions at the U of M.
  • The designation “UALD” (unassigned lower division) as course number indicates that the U of M does not have an exact transfer equivalent and the course will be posted to your academic record as an elective. You must meet with an academic advisor at the U of M to get information about how these courses may be used to meet degree requirements.
  • Over time, course content, numbers, and titles will change at each institution. Thus, you may find a given course has been transferred with more than one number or title. Some, but not all, of these multiple numbers and titles reflect the Tennessee Board of Regent's Common Course Numbering Project.
  • Since course content may change at either institution at any time, some of the information in this list may become invalid without notice. You must meet with a U of M academic advisor to receive correct and official information.
  • Only courses that have been evaluated as fulfilling general education requirements are denoted in the General Ed. Category column. This does not exclude other courses meeting general education requirements. Students will need to confer with their academic advisor to determine if a course meets general education requirements.
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