ACT-GPA and Scholarships

With the rising costs of higher education, it's becoming more and more important that students strive to perform to the best of their ability while in high school. Excellence in academics is rewarded in college by various scholarship offers which often meet the full financial needs of funding a college education. The two primary factors used to determine scholarship eligibility, for an academic scholarship, are the high school gpa and the score received on the entrance examination (ACT/SAT). For instance, at the University of Memphis, to be considered for one of our academic scholarships, a student must present a minimum high school gpa of 3.0 or above and a minimum ACT/SAT of 25/1130. Our more prestigious awards are based on demonstrated academic excellence. You must apply and be admitted by December 1 to be considered for an academic scholarship. If you feel you may qualify for any one of the scholarships offered by the University of Memphis, you are encouraged to apply for admission early in your senior year of high school. Following admission to the University, you will be notified of your scholarship eligibility and the scholarship you will be awarded if you accept the offer of admission.

While still in high school, you are encouraged to focus your attention in all of your subjects in order to achieve the excellence scholarships demand. Dedicate significant time and effort in preparing for the ACT/SAT examination. Your efforts will likely be rewarded with scholarship offers that will assist in easing the financial burden of funding your college education.

The Office of Admissions welcomes you to review the list of scholarships (and requirements) awarded at the University of Memphis by visiting the Scholarship Office online.