Non-Resident Tuition

The University of Memphis has reduced non-resident tuition.  This tuition structure applies to all non-resident students (both current and future) who attend the University of Memphis.View the most current fee charts to discover current tuition fees >

  • Border County Residents 
    • Apply as a Border County Applicant
    • There is no change in tuition charges for those students who reside in one of the 5 bordering counties.  Qualified border county students will continue to receive the in-state equivalency the same as always.
  • Non-Resident Tuition 
    • Apply as a Non-Resident Applicant
    • Undergraduate students who attend(ed) a high school outside the State of Tennessee or the border counties of the Memphis metropolitan area are eligible for a substantial tuition reduction compared to previous costs.  
      • This benefit means students are charged the equivalent of in-state tuition rates on any credits over 12 in a given term.