What is the Partnership Enrollment Program (PEP) with the University of Memphis?

Beginning fall 2009, the University of Memphis partnered with community colleges in the West Tennessee and border county areas to offer a Partnership Enrollment Program that guarantees university admission to any student who completes the associate's degree university track (A.A.or A.S.). The agreement benefits students by reducing the total cost of higher education by encouraging students to complete the associate's degree at the community college. Students also benefit from improved and collaborative academic advising and by completion of joint admissions contracts. This agreement provides general admission to the University of Memphis.  Some academic programs may have their own additional process (for example, Nursing) for which admission to the actual program must be secured separately.  Requirements for admission to individual academic programs may vary. By making this choice early in their academic career, students will receive advising and access to some University of Memphis services and activities prior to their admission to the UofM.

What are the benefits of enrolling under the Partnership Enrollment Program Agreement?

If you enroll in the Partnership Enrollment Program with the University of Memphis and complete an associate's degree university track (AA/AS) at a participating partner community college, you will:

  • Enjoy the benefits of academic counseling from a University of Memphis Transfer Advisor
  • Be eligible to participate in priority pre-registration in University courses for your first semester after community college graduation.
  • Be released from completing the University of Memphis application when transferring
  • Have the transfer application fee (currently $25) waived.
  • Receive access to Campus Recreation & Intramural Services + Student Activities - $65/semester AND/OR
  • Receive access to student athletic events via payment of FT student athletic fee - $225/semester
  • Receive access to a parking permit - $30/ per semester