Readmission Requirements

Students who were previously enrolled at the University of Memphis, but for whom they have not yet completed their degree, must apply for readmission to return. The readmisison application does not require an application fee.

Many students forget their advisor or change their major during the readmission process.  For these reasons, use the Academic Advisor Directory to help you reconnect with the University and plan your next semester.  However, an advisor really cannot help you until after you have been re-admitted to the University.  The sooner you are readmitted to the University, the sooner you'll be able to meet with an advisor and register for classes.

Readmission Applications

After logging into the application screen, be sure to select the "Readmission Application" from the list of options.  Both degree-seekers and non-degree seekers use the same applications.  Non-Degree Readmission applicants indicate "Non-Degree" as the major of interest.