We are a lot of different things to different people, and we are certain you will find your place here. You can choose from over 50 majors and 95 concentrations of study in our 11 colleges and schools. We offer the support you need to prepare for your career, which is why we have been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Top 10 colleges and universities for Student Internships. And our students are involved in more than 200 student organizations, including philanthropic organizations, fraternities and sororities, academic groups, and student government.

Plus, our campus is exactly the right size. We offer excellent academic programs, amenities, and research opportunities because we are a large research institution. All the same, our diverse student population has unique interests both academically and personally, and no one feels held back or stuck in line. You should also know you are not alone! Over 1000+ transfer students enroll each semester, and we can’t wait for you to join us, too.