Non-Resident Tuition

The University of Memphis has reduced non-resident tuition.  This tuition structure applies to all non-resident students (both current and future) who attend the University of Memphis.  You can view the most current fee charts to discover current tuition fees.

To discover the tuition rates for non-residents, click the label of each link below to discover exactly what the new program entails for each group:

  • Border County Residents 
    • Apply as a Border County Applicant
    • There is no change in tuition charges for those students who reside in one of the 5 bordering counties.  Qualified border county students will continue to receive the in-state equivalency the same as always.
  • Non-Resident Tuition 
    • Apply as a Non-Resident Applicant
    • Undergraduate students who attend(ed) a high school outside the State of Tennessee or the border counties of the Memphis metropolitan area are eligible for a substantial tuition reduction compared to previous costs.  
      • This benefit means students are charged the equivalent of in-state tuition rates on any credits over 12 in a given term.