Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faculty and Staff Annual Giving Campaign?

The Faculty and Staff Campaign for the University of Memphis is an organized annual fundraising effort that allows you, the UofM employee, to make a gift to the area of your choice to the University. These gifts stay at the University of Memphis making a lasting impact on the area you choose to support.

Why ask me to give when costs keep going up?

We all share the economic reality of rising personal costs and limited pay increases. While the University has traditionally been considered "state-supported," we are more correctly a "state-assisted" University. Philanthropy is, therefore, crucially important. We must look to alumni, corporations, foundations, faculty, staff, and friends to move the UofM forward as world-class University.

Why should I give?

Every gift from faculty and staff matters and no gift is too small. Our collective support is essential because many corporations, foundations and individuals base their giving decisions on the percentage of faculty and staff who make philanthropic commitments to their university. Private donors consider the giving of those closest to the UofM when deciding to invest in our University.

What can I give to?

You select where your gift goes. Options include your department, school or college, program or any other academic area, campus initiative, or athletics.

Does my membership in the Alumni Association count as participation?

Unfortunately, it does not. Paying membership dues to the Alumni Association is different from making a gift to the University.

What are Faculty & Staff payment options?

There are many ways to give to the Faculty and Staff Campaign. Your gift is important to the University of Memphis, and it is our goal to provide a variety of diverse opportunities for you to give back.

Payroll Deduction

Many colleagues find that making their gift through payroll deduction is a convenient way to increase the size and impact of their gift by spreading payments out over time.

To make your gift through payroll deduction, simply log on to myMemphis and click on the Employee tab. There, you will find a channel labeled "Faculty and Staff Giving Program." Click on the "Give through payroll deduction" link to make your gift securely online.

Credit Card

To make your gift using a credit card using our secure online form, log on to myMemphis and click on the Employee tab. There, you will find a channel labeled "Faculty and Staff Giving Program." Click on the "Make a one time or recurring gift" link to make your one-time or recurring gift securely online.

To make a one-time or recurring gift using an automatic bank draft, complete an Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) form and return to the Alumni and Development Services, 107 Billy Mac Jones.

Should you prefer, you may contact Alumni and Development Services at 901.678.3953 to make your gift by credit card over the phone.

The University of Memphis Foundation accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover payments.


To mail your gift, complete the Faculty and Staff Giving Form and include it with your check made payable to University of Memphis Foundation.

Mail your gift to:
The UofM Foundation
Department 238
P.O. Box 1000
Memphis, TN 38148-001


Please complete the Faculty and Staff Giving Form and deliver it with your cash gift to:
Alumni and Development Services
107 Billy Mac Jones (633 Normal Street)

Please do not use campus or regular mail to deliver gifts of cash.

Is there a minimum for payroll deduction?

You can make a difference for as little as $1.00 per paycheck

How does payroll deduction work?

Payroll deduction is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to make a gift. By completing the payroll deduction form, accessed through myMemphis, you specify the amount you would like automatically deducted from each paycheck, the start date, and where you would like your gift to be designated. Click on the Employee tab and you'll find the form in the "Faculty/Staff Giving Program" channel. You may contact Alumni and Development Services at 901.678.3953 for specific questions regarding payroll deduction. For best results, please use Internet Explorer to make your payroll deduction.

Who will know about my gift?

If you wish to keep your gift anonymous, please indicate so on the gift form. Unless otherwise noted, all donors will be listed in the donor honor roll. For more information about recognition opportunities, please visit our Giving Societies page.

  Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

What is the difference between the State Charitable Giving Campaign and the UofM Faculty and Staff Campaign?

The Charitable Giving Campaign is an important initiative to encourage the UofM family to be philanthropic and give to charitable causes outside of the University. The Faculty and Staff Campaign is an opportunity for Faculty and Staff to give back directly to the UofM fund or initiative of their choice. They both are very important causes but completely separate from one another. We encourage participation in both campaigns.

How can I increase the value of my gift?

If your spouse works for a matching gift organization, your gift can be matched. SImply indicate that information on your pledge form and ask your spouse to complete their company's matching gift request form. Please search our database to possibly double or triple your gift's impact.

Can I make a gift jointly with my spouse or partner?

Yes! Indicate on the payroll deduction form or gift card that the contribution is a joint gift and provide your name and the name of your spouse or partner.

Who can participate in the I'm In Campaign?

All full-time, part-time and adjunct employees are encouraged to participate. Additionally, if you are a UofM graduate, your gift to the campaign will also impact the University's alumni participation rate.

Can I make a deferred gift during the campaign?

Deferred gifts- such as annuities, bequests, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance policies- also count toward this campaign. If you already have named the UofM as a beneficiary in a planned gift, we would like to properly acknowledge your generosity. Please contact Dan H. Murrell, Director of Planned Giving at 901.678.2732 or plannedgiving@memphis.edu to assure our records are accurate.

What if I leave the UofM before my pledge is completed?

Your pledge is considered a good-faith intention; it is not considered a debt. We realize that personal circumstances can change. Therefore, if you find you need to change your pledge, we encourage you to call the Development Office to discuss it with us.

How do I make a naming gift?

For a qualifying naming opportunity (endowed scholarships, faculty endowments, space naming), a UofM Development Officer is available to help. An array of opportunities exist at the University of Memphis to lend your name (or that of someone you wish to honor) to a special fund, program, or facility. Professorships, assistantships, scholarships, buildings and educational programs are all crucial investments at the University and can be named within University guidelines. With such gifts, you not only make a vital commitment to the future of the University and its students, but can also provide a lasting declaration of your support and a model for others to emulate. To discuss ideas for various naming opportunities and endowments, please contact the Director of Development for your desired area.

How do I contact the Annual Giving Office if I have questions regarding the campaign?

Office of Annual Giving - umannualgiving@memphis.edu

How do I contact Alumni and Devlopement Services if I have questions regarding making my gifts?

Please call 901.678.3953 or email gifts@memphis.edu.