Welcome to the University of Memphis Phonathon Call Center!

Looking for a job that you can get excited about? Look no further. Our program consists of a dedicated team of student employees who call alumni, parents and friends of the University year-round to help raise support for academic initiatives at the University of Memphis. We offer a wonderful job opportunity for full time students. As a student fundraiser, you will get to reach out to alumni to let them know of the wonderful new developments on campus as well as give them an opportunity to give back to students like yourself! The money that our students raise goes to support such areas as scholarships, campus expansion, new technologies, recruiting top faculty and staff, and so much more! Come be a part of this wonderful cause.

The benefits of working at the UofM Call Center include:

  • Impressive resume builder
  • Strengthen communication and negotiation skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Competitive hourly rate & incentives
  • Great work atmosphere
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Convenient campus location

APPLY NOW to be a part of the Call Center!


Meet the Callers!

Student Callers in front of South Hall