Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign, and why should I give?

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a united effort each year developed to encourage and enable all seniors to support the University with a financial gift.

In addition to knowing you did something to make an impact at your alma mater, all senior donors will be recognized in the official Commencement Program as a True Blue Student Donor. Graduates can stop by the Senior Class Gift table during Cap and Gown Distribution to get involved.

Your participation makes a difference! Your $20 gift might be all we need to complete a major initiative. Seeing our students and alumni support the University will help encourage others to contribute also. Additionally, our alumni participation figure weighs into the U.S. News and World Report's annual ranking of national universities.

What is the Office of Development?

The Office of Development raises funds for the University. We develop relationships alumni, parents, students, faculty/staff, and friends of the University, as well as corporations and foundations. As those individuals and groups become more engaged, we present the University's needs and answer questions as they choose how they want support the University.

Why does UofM need private money if it is a public University?

Only some of the University's funding comes from tuition, fees, and state funding. The remaining must be donated from loyal alumni, friends, companies, foundations, parents, and even students.

What is the difference between the Senior Class Gift Committee and the FAM?

The Senior Class Gift Committee (SCGC) is another student led RSO offered at the UofM tailored more towards upperclassman who are interested in careers focused around fundraising, development, or non-profit management. The SCGC is responsible for promoting Annual Giving's Senior Class Gift campaign across campus, assisting with setup/execution of various events tied into the campaign, and personally fundraising a pre-determined amount. The SCGC will also be responsible for assisting in the selection of the Senior Class Gift Scholarship recipient each year.

The Future Alumni of Memphis (FAM) provides programming and services for current University of Memphis students that will aid in developing stronger connections with the institution as well as with its alumni. The FAM is a membership-based organization and carries an annual fee of $20 for students which includes discounts and perks at several partnered locations. The dues are not tax-deductible.

I already pay tuition, why should I give the UofM more money?

Tuition and fees provide on a portion of the University's annual revenue. As with state funding, the University relies on donations to help fill the gaps where financial support is needed but can't be provided by state funding and tuition and fees.

What will my gift of $5, $10, $20, or even $100 really do?

All gifts make a difference. Even gifts that may seem small to you will combine with similar gifts from tens of thousands of other students, alumni, parents, and friends of the University to create a large impact. Many donors may have thought their gifts were small, but when combined with other gifts, they were able to provide a lot of support for the University of Memphis.

What is the Student Philanthropy Campaign, and why should I give?

Led by the Senior Class Gift Interns, the Senior Class Gift Committee, and the Common Cents Council, our Student Philanthropy Campaign spreads awareness of the importance of your financial contributions to the University. We ask students support the University with a gift that is comfortable for them: $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100. We hope that every student leaves the university knowing their gifts, of any size, truly make an impact.

Someday, we hope to reach 100% student body participation every year. What an impact we could make if every student contributed to the University each year! You can contribute to your school or college, or whatever fund interests you.

I made my donation online. When and where do I get my stole?

Once you make your donation online, you will receive confirmation that your gift was processed via email. Bring this gift confirmation (receipt) to Cap and Gown Distribution. For more info on the specifics of the upcoming Cap and Gown Distribution, click here. Please direct any and all questions about the Senior Class Gift to seniorclassgift@memphis.edu.

More questions? E-mail us!