Dorothy Kayser Hohenberg Chairs of Excellence in Art History Inaugurated April 2, 1989

The Dorothy Kayser Hohenberg Chair of Excellence in Art History (COE) is designed for a visiting scholar in art history whose field of research will supplement the disciplines of the full-time faculty in the Department of Art. Duration of residence may vary from one semester to three years. All fields of art history and visual culture are welcomed. Specific duties involve teaching one upper-level undergraduate course and a graduate seminar in the COE's area of expertise, possibly serving as a reader on MS thesis committees. The holder of this chair is expected to maintain residence and lecture in the city as well as maintain visibility in research nationally. To facilitate the accomplishments of these duties, the COE are provided with a travel budget for research and conference attendance, book allowance, and a graduate assistant. The holder of this chair also reviews the university library holdings in her/his area and recommend acquisitions where appropriate. Ph.D. in art history, visual culture, or an appropriate related fields are encouraged to apply. Scholars who hold a terminal degree with experience in either academic or museum settings are also eligible. We welcome senior and junior scholars who have established a significant publication record nationally and internationally in their field.

Pamela Nunn

2016-17, Independent, Feminist Art


Pamela Gerrish Nunn began her career as an art historian in her native country of England, teaching in Bristol from 1976 and publishing in the field of 19th-century women artists from 1978. She moved to New Zealand in 1989 to teach at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch), where she worked for 20 years. After the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, she moved north to the Wellington area, where she works as a freelance lecturer, curator and researcher.

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The following list includes past COEs:

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Mikelle Smith Omari-Tunkara, Spring 2010 and 2010-2011, U of Arizona, African Diaspora

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Till-Holger Borchert, 2007-2008, Bruges Museum, Renaissance

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Francesco Tiradritti, 2004-2005, U of Naples, Egyptian

Joan Holladay, 2003-2004, UT Austin, Medieval

Christopher Reed, 2002-2003, Penn State, Gender Studies

Doris Srinivasan, 2001-2002, Independent, India

Paula Gerson, 2000-2001, FSU, Medieval

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Christopher Johns, 1997-1998, Vanderbilt, 18th-19th Century

Marcia Kupfer, 1996-1997, Ohio State, Medieval

*Andrew Ladis, 1995-1996, UGA, Renaissance

*Mary Sheriff, 1994-1995, UNC, 18th Century

Bruce Cole Spring, 1994, Renaissance Center, Am.Revolution

Norman Land, 1992-1993, Un Mo., Columbia, Renaissance

Michael Weaver Fall, 1991 Oxford University, Photography

Babatunde Lawal, 1990-1991, VCU, African Art