Ceramics Facilities

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The Ceramics facility at the University of Memphis includes a 2,400 sq. ft. main studio with eighteen ft. ceilings and wonderful natural lighting. This space is joined with a 950 sq. ft. kiln room and fully stocked glazing and mixing area. There is also a 1,100 sq. ft. studio for advanced students with a digital projector, wi-fi access, a separate clay making room, and individual studios for graduate students.

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The equipment in the studios includes 23 kick and electric potters wheels, a 36" slab roller, a 9"barrel pneumatic extruder, two Soldner clay mixers, a 60 cu. ft. updraft gas kiln, a 40 sq. ft. programmable updraft gas kiln, a 10 sq. ft. updraft gas kiln, six electric kilns, an adjoining outdoor raku area, numerous ware carts, ample storage/shelving, and individual lockers.

The Ceramics studios are located in a campus building shared with Sculpture facilities, so we have easy access to a woodworking and metal forming shop. There is also a 300 sq. ft. student exhibition/critique space and multiple smaller informal display areas.