Printmaking Facilities

The Printmaking area is located in the Art and Communications Building in ACB 312 and 412. These large rooms contain facilities for all of the traditional printmaking processes including monoprinting, relief printing, intaglio, screen-printing, and lithography. In addition the ACB 152 printmaking and photography digital lab offers facilities for digital work and digitally produced transparencies to use in traditional processes such as screen-printing and photo polymer relief and intaglio. The traditional media are taught as well as digital printing and mixed media approaches using traditional and digital media.

ACB 312 — 1600 square feet

ACB 312 is the printmaking classroom and screen-printing area equipped with worktables and printing stations, a large sink, and storage facilities for screens and student materials. A large vacuum/exposing unit is available for use in photo screen-printing. The graduate studio is located in 312A.

ACB 412 — 1600 square feet

ACB 412 is the printmaking pressroom equipped with intaglio and litho presses, worktables, and vented work areas for processing lithographic stones and plates, metal plate etching, and general cleanup. There are two intaglio presses, a Brand 18 x 36" press, and a Dickerson motorized 27 x 48" press that is used for intaglio and relief printing. Two litho presses are available, a Brand 24 x 48" press and a Takach 34 x 60" press. The lab is well equipped with lithographic stone in a variety of sizes. Large rollers for color printing are available up to a size that covers a full 22 x 30" sheet.

ACB 152 — 800 Square Feet

The ACB 152 printmaking and photography digital lab is equipped with 20 iMacs and large format inkjet printers including an Epson Stylus Pro 4800, an Epson Stylus Pro 4900, and a Canon iPF8400. Inkjet prints up to 44 inches wide can be printed on paper or special purpose media, such as clear film for photo printmaking and alternative process photography. Two scanners are available, a Nikon 9000ED for film positives and negatives up to 6 x 18 cm, and an Epson 750 for reflective art and film positives and negatives up to 4 x 5 inches.