Anna Roach


Anna Roach



Anna Roach is a multimedia artist living and working in Memphis, TN.

"Reliquaries, is an ongoing project, including a series of paintings based on the photographic mistakes found in my growing collection of anonymous snapshots. These are hand-rendered photo-copies done in oil on panel.

My work is an endless search for authentic ways to suggest that the observable world is not as secure as it seems, to give significance to the unknown, and to reflect the limits of perception. "


  • 2016 New American Paintings, MFA Annual Edition

Selected Exhibition Experience

  • 2016 "Small" Curated by Amelia Briggs. David Lusk Gallery, Memphis
  • 2015 PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris.

Award: Honorable Mention

  • "Team Retrograde" Glitch Gallery, Memphis, TN
  • 2014 "Things That Were" M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition. Nesin Gallery at Memphis College of Art.
  • 2013 "Chronos and Kairos" Nesin Gallery, Memphis, TN
  • "Past, Present, Future" Curated by Dwayne Butcher. Crosstown Arts Gallery, Memphis,
  • Featured Artist/Solo Exhibition. Ameriprise Gallery on South Main, Memphis, TN
  • 30th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Heajung Lee, Juror. AMUM, Memphis, TN.

Award: Best in Show, Gladys and Ola.

  • "New Talent," Gallery Fifty-Six, Memphis, TN
  • 2012 "FLATMATES: A View of Eight," B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition. Marshall Arts Gallery, Memphis, TN