Reuben Brunson

BFA in graphic design

Ruben Brunson



Since 2001, Reuben has been leading independent business organizations to success. Well-known amongst his friends for picking economic downtimes to start up businesses, he has always made it work. 

Reuben began his career in marketing and advertising as a print designer, and was working in web design before "Google" was a household name, or even a word. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Reuben jump-started Rocket Science Design with his wife Lori, and later paired up with the diabolical mind of Andy McFarland to create RocketFuel. Both companies are fueled by Reuben's dedication to customer service, innovation and creativity.

RocketFuel was born around the concept for our proprietary content management system. The CMS ingeniously allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to manage and update their company's website without a headache.

Reuben graduated from The University of Memphis many moons ago with a bachelor degree in graphic design. When he is not plotting his latest Internet take over, Reuben finds himself taking in the beauty of the outdoors.

He shares his office, and his laughs, with his wife Lori, the president and co-founder of RocketFuel. They have a daughter named Ruby, who is cute as a button, and doesn't enjoy sharing her iPad. She can use it better than her Dad....