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Pamela Gerrish Nunn began her career as an art historian in her native country of England, teaching in Bristol from 1976 and publishing in the field of 19th-century women artists from 1978. She moved to New Zealand in 1989 to teach at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch), where she worked for 20 years. After the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, she moved north to the Wellington area, where she works as a freelance lecturer, curator and researcher.


  • University College London: PhD in History of Art with thesis on "The mid-Victorian Woman Artist, 1850-1879" (1983)
  • University College London: MA in History of Art with dissertation on "Berthe Morisot, 1857-1874" (1975-6)
  • University of Leicester: BA (Hons) in Combined Arts (History of Art with French, Italian, Philosophy) with dissertation on "David and Napoleon" (1972-5)


Dr Gerrish Nunn is well known for her commitment to the histories of women artists and the issues that surround them, and belongs to the international community of Victorianists. Curation is as much of an interest to her as writing and teaching, and she has prepared shows of historic and contemporary art in both Britain and New Zealand. She has researched and published on individual female artists in 19th and 20th century western art on whom, in many cases, she is the sole or leading expert. She has made original contributions to the history of the British art style Pre-Raphaelitism and has curated exhibitions of Pre-Raphaelite works attended by record-breaking crowds. She is currently preparing an exhibition of the work of New Zealand artist Frances Hodgkins (1869-1947) for the New Zealand Portrait Gallery.


  • Freelance scholar, curator and teacher, 2009-present.
  • Professor in Art History and Theory, School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (appointed 1989 as Lecturer, resigned December 2008).
  • Lecturer (part-time) in Art History and Theory, Open University, Bristol Polytechnic, Gloucestershire College of Art and Design, 1976-89.


  • 2014: Resident Scholar, Stout Research Centre, Victoria University Wellington
  • 2014: Conference attendance grant from the Association of Art Historians (UK)
  • 2012: Grant-in-aid from the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship
  • 2011: Bursary from the Association of Art Historians (UK) fund to foster collaboration between museum professionals and the academic community
  • 2010: Research support grant, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London
  • 2009: Two small grants from the Independents Group in the AAH (UK) towards publishing and conference attendance
  • 2007: University of Canterbury College of Arts Research Grant
  • 2004: Research Support Grant, Paul Mellon Center for Studies in British Art, Yale University
  • 2000: Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Visiting Fellow, Center for the Advanced Study of Visual Art, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
  • 2000: Visiting Scholar, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK
  • 1999: Visiting Fellow, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, USA
  • 1994: Visiting Scholar, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia



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(† indicates curatorial role)

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Conference contributions:

  • Otago University: "Making Women Visible", February 2016 ('Types, tropes and tourism: women painting women')
  • New Zealand Historians' Association: biannual conference, December 2015 ('Picture this: understanding ourselves through visual culture', panel convenor and speaker)
  • Victoria University Wellington: 'Women and Nineteenth-Century Literature', January 2015 ("Sapphos of the Drawing-Room")
  • University of Toulouse: 'Gold in Art/L'Art et l'Or', September 2014, keynote speaker ("All is not gold that glitters: reaffirming value in a time of change")
  • Watts Gallery/Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art/University of Guildford: 'Dickens and the Visual Imagination', July 2012 ("Dickensian subjects and the Women's Movement Agenda")
  • Australasian Victorian Studies Association: annual conference 'Changing the Subject' February 2011, plenary speaker ("Defining the Victorian")
  • Massey University at Te Papa Tongarewa: 'Contained Memory', December 2010 ("Whose War?")
  • Art Association of Australia and New Zealand: annual conference, November 2009 ("Can the Subaltern speak? Women picturing the 1914-18 war")
  • Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, October 2009: 'British Aestheticisms' ("Alienation, Adoption or Adapatation?")
  • Australasian Victorian Studies Association: annual conference 'The Victorian Sensorium', February 2009 ("The Sense of Sight")
  • University of Exeter (UK): interdisciplinary conference 'Artistry and Industry', July 2008, member of three-person plenary panel ("Ethel Rivers' Ambition, Dorothy's career and other cautionary tales")
  • Association of Art Historians (UK): annual conference 'Location: Museum, Academy, Studio', April 2008 ("Finding a Seat in the Big Tent")
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  • 2015: appointed to programme committee, New Zealand Portrait Gallery
  • 2008: appointed to review committee, Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens
  • 2007: appointed to editorial board, British Art Journal
  • 2007: appointed to Council of Friends, Hypatia Trust, UK
  • 2005: joint organizer, international conference "What is the Contemporary now?", University of Canterbury
  • 2003:organizer, public lecture series A Degree of Excellence, Christchurch Arts Centre
  • 2002-4: member (representing the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts; of the Olivia Spencer Bower Foundation selection committee
  • 2001: member of organising committee, NZ Women's Studies Association national conference "Knowing Women", Christchurch
  • 2001: judge (representing New Zealand members), Power Book prize of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • 2000: advisory board member representing New Zealand, Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide
  • 1999: organizer, national conference "The History of Herstory: 25 years of feminist art history", University of Canterbury
  • 1982- : occasional reviewer/reader for Art New Zealand, Ashgate Press, Auckland University Press, Australian Research Council, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, Australian Feminist Studies, Australian Journal of Art, AVSA Journal, Britain and the World, Cassone, Oxford University Press, Pacific Accounting Review, Pre-Raphaelite Studies, The Art Book, Victorian Review, Victorian Studies, Woman's Art Journal.

CURATING (see also under publications)

  • 2012: Curator, "Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale, a Pre-Raphaelite journey", Lady Lever Art Gallery Port Sunlight, and Watts Gallery 2013
  • 2009: Curator, "Independently Modern", Goodison room, Tate Britain
  • 2007: Curator, "Cutting a Dash: selected works by Sandra Thomson", SoFA Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
  • 2006-7: Curator, "From Victorian to Modern: tradition and innovation in the early work of Vanessa Bell, Gwen John and Laura Knight", Djanogly Art Gallery Nottingham, Laing Art Gallery Newcastle, Castle Museum and Art Gallery Norwich, UK
  • 2005: Curator, "Collecting a Canon: paintings and drawings from two Christchurch collections", SoFA Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
  • 1999: Curator, "Women invade Art: a personal record of the women's art movement", School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
  • 1996-7: Joint curator, "Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists", Manchester City Art Gallery, UK November 1997; Birmingham City Art Gallery, UK February 1998; Southampton Art Gallery, UK June 1998
  • 1993: Consultant, "White Camellias: 100 years of women's art", Robert McDougall Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
  • 1985: Researcher, consultant and selector, "Solomon: a family of painters", Geffrye Museum, London (1985) and Birmingham City Art Gallery (1986)
  • 1983: Consultant, "Lady Waterford Centenary Exhibition", Lady Waterford Hall, Northumbria, UK
  • 1982: Researcher, consultant and selector, "The Women's Art Show 1550-1970", Castle Museum Nottingham, UK