Printmaking class

Art – Printmaking, M.F.A.

The graduate printmaking program focuses on the refinement of a personal aesthetic and conceptual approach to the medium. Graduate students in printmaking are encouraged to master technical and materials application while the major emphasis turns toward creative exploration and individual expression.

The printmaking studios are well equipped for specialized and cross-disciplinary focus in all of the traditional processes including woodcut, metal-plate intaglio, screen printing, lithography, and alternative process photo methods. Hand-worked and photographically-developed approaches are instructed in all media and digitally-produced images are fully explored.

Entrance Requirements

  • baccalaureate degree in chosen concentration or related discipline
  • official undergraduate transcripts
  • portfolio of 20—30 slideS
  • 2 letters of reference
  • statement of intent

Assistantship Opportunities

Teaching and service assistantships are available to students enrolled in 12 credit hours of coursework.


  • 36 hours of 7000 level studio courses
  • 9 hours of graduate level art history
  • 9 hours of 6000 or 7000 level electives
  • 6 hours of ART 7996, Thesis