BIT Admissions

What is BIT?

Business Information and Technology (BIT) is the use of Information and Technology in an organization. As a student of BIT, you'll learn the best ways for an organization to meet its goals and business challenges. BIT students learn to analyze, design, develop, and implement information technology strategies that enable organizations to be more effective and profitable. You'll learn to manage large IT projects, analyze complex data sets, and design secure and efficient Information Systems.

How Does a Degree in BIT compare?

The University of Memphis offers several degree programs that relate to information technology. Let's compare BIT to some of the other degrees available. The table below will help to show the differences. 

BIT Comparison Table

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Susan Caldwell, who does IT and Services Talent Acquisition at Wellton LLC, spoke about the great career opportunities in the MIS field in a speech at the University of Memphis.

Tevin Howell, a Business Information and Technology student at the University of Memphis talks about cyber security in a speech at the University of Memphis.