Internships are very valuable experiences for our BIT students, and we strongly encourage all of our students to apply for internships while they are in our program, especially those students who do not have work experience that is related to the BIT area. Experience as an intern involved in information systems/technology activities provides students with additional knowledge of this area as well as greater understanding of the breadth and depth of potential job activities involving the BIT field.

How do I get started?

Students are responsible for taking the initiative to apply for an internship. An internship director is available through the University, the Fogelman College of Business & Economics (FCBE), as well as our BIT Department. These three units work together to let students know of relevant internship opportunities. Students can upload their own resumes here, on our BIT website and may also view BIT-related internship opportunities from elsewhere in the university or from an external organization directly.

The information provided by the prospective employers typically includes desired skills and knowledge as well as instructions for indicating your interest. Some employers want students to contact them directly, while others do not, so it is important that you read and follow the application process as it is specified by the respective organization.

What if I want to receive academic credit for the internship?

Students who want academic credit in BIT for an internship must apply for the credit before starting the internship. Initial approvals are required from the FCBE internship director, followed by approvals from the BIT Department. The details of the entire process of earning academic credit can be found Internship 2012 (PDF).

For late academic internship registration, click Late Registration (PDF).

Learn more about academic Internships.