Associate Dean, Faculty and Administration and Associate Professor

Chen Zhang

Associate Dean, Faculty and Administration and Associate Professor, DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY

FAB 426
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About Chen Zhang

Dr. Zhang's research primarily focuses on various aspects of IT strategies, online communities, open innovation, and platform ecosystems. she has published her research in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, European Journal of Information Systems, MISQ Executive, and proceedings of major international conferences such as the International Conference on Information Systems.

She has taught courses such as business analytics, applications development, mobile application development, and doctoral seminar on research methodologies. She received her doctoral degree in Management Information Systems from Purdue University.


Doctor of Philosophy in MIS, Purdue University
Master of Science in Computer Science, Wright State University
MBA with specialization in MIS, Bowling Green State University

Selected Research

Li, H., Zhang, C., & Kettinger, W. (forthcoming). Digital Platform Ecosystem Dynamics: The Roles of Product Scope, Innovation, and Collaborative Network Centrality. MIS Quarterly. 

Li, H., Zhang, C., and Kettinger, W. J. “Digital Platform Ecosystem Dynamics: The Roles of Product Scope, Innovation, and Collaborative Network Centrality,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

Henningsson, S., Kettinger, W. J., Zhang, C., and Vaidyanathan, N. 2021. “Transformative Rare Events: Leveraging Digital Affordance Actualisation,” European Journal of Information Systems (30:2), pp.137-156. DOI: 10.1080/0960085X.2020.1860656.

Zhang, C., Kettinger, W. J., Prajakta, K., and Yoo, S. 2018. "Established Companies' Strategic Responses to Sharing Economy Threats," MIS Quarterly Executive (17:1), Article 5. Available at: https://aisel.aisnet.org/misqe/vol17/iss1/5.

Lee, E., Simon, J., and Zhang, C. 2016. “An Empirical Investigation of Decision Making in IT-Related Dilemmas: Impact of Positive and Negative Consequence Information,” Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (28:4).

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