Associate Dean, Faculty and Administration and Associate Professor

Chen Zhang

Associate Dean, Faculty and Administration and Associate Professor, DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY

FAB 426
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About Chen Zhang

Dr. Zhang's research primarily focuses on individual behavior in online communities, especially in open source software development communities and other open innovation communities. She also is interested in the dynamics and the evolution of IT ecosystems as well as the strategic value of information and business analytics. Her other research interests include online information search behavior, requirements elicitation, and software project management.

Dr. Zhang has published her research in Information Systems Research, MISQ Executive, IEEE Software, and proceedings of major international conferences such as the  International Conference on Information Systems.

She has taught courses in applications development, computer hardware and system software, data communications and networks, and Introduction to Business Microcomputer Applications.

She holds a doctoral degree in Management Information Systems from Purdue University, a master's degree in Computer Science from Wright State University, an MBA from Bowling Green State University, and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Beijing Normal University in China.


Doctor of Philosophy, Purdue University
Master of Science, Wright State University
Master of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
Bachelor of Science, Beijing Normal University


Teaching Interests

applications programming, computer hardware and software, systems analysis and design, statistics and business analytics, enterprise architecture, mobile applications development

Research Interests

open source software development, open innovations and IT ecosystems, strategic value of information and IT, online information search behavior, software development and testing, business analytics

Selected Research

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Kettinger, W.J., Zhang, C. and Chang K. 2013. "A View from the Top: Integrated Information Delivery and Effective Information Use from the Senior Executive's Perspective," Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.

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