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About He Li

He Li currently is a fourth year Ph.D student at the department of BIT. He received his bachelor degree of management with a concentration in Financial Intelligence and Information Management in 2015. Before joining the Ph.D program, He has actively participated in research projects. He is interested in digital platform ecosystems, IT strategy, and the economics and value of information systems. He's research has been published and accepted in Information & ManagementInternational Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Electronic Commerce Research and ApplicationsElectronic Commerce Research, Journal of Global Information ManagementIndustrial Management & Data Systems, and leading conferences and workshops such as WITSINFORMS and PACIS.


B.B.A., Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China, 2015.


Teaching Interests

Business Analytics; Information Security; Programming for Business

Research Interests

Digital Platform Ecosystems; IT Strategy; IT Security; Strategic Alliances; Economics and Value of Information Systems

Selected Research

Journal Publications

Wu, J., Li, H., Lin, Z., and Goh, K.Y. (2017). "How Big Data and Analytics Reshape the Wearable Device Market -- The Context of E-Health," International Journal of Production Research (55:17), pp. 5168-5182.

Wu, J., Li, H., Lin, Z., and Zheng, H. (2017). "Competition in Wearable Device Market: The Effects of Network Externality and Product Compatibility," Electronic Commerce Research (17:3), pp. 335-359.

Wu, J., Li, H., Liu, L., and Zheng, H. (2017). "Adoption of Big Data and Analytics in Mobile Healthcare Market: An Economic Perspective," Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (22), pp. 24-41.

Wu, J., Li, H., Zheng, H., and Xu, Y. (2017). "Signaling in Joint Venture Capital: A Social Network Perspective," Industrial Management & Data Systems (117:10), pp. 2340-2363.

Wu, J., Li, H., Cheng, S. and Lin, Z. (2016). "The Promising Future of Healthcare Services: When Big Data Analytics Meets Wearable Technology," Information & Management (53:8), pp. 1020-1033.

Wu, J., Goh, K.Y., Li, H., Luo, C., and Zheng, H. (2016). "The Effects of Communication Patterns on the Success of Open Source Software Projects: An Empirical Analysis from Social Network Perspectives," Journal of Global Information Management (24:4), pp. 22-44.

Li, H., Wu, J., Gao, Y., and Shi, Y., (2016). "Examining Individuals' Adoption of Healthcare Wearable Devices: An Empirical Study from Privacy Calculus Perspective," International Journal of Medical Informatics (88), pp. 8-17.

Gao, Y., Li, H., and Luo, Y., (2015). "An Empirical Study of Wearable Technology Acceptance in Healthcare," Industrial Management & Data Systems (119:9), pp. 1704-1723.

Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Li, H. and Wu, J., "Adoption of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: An Economic Perspective", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, November 1-4, 2015.

Li, H., Wu, J., Liu, L., and Li, Q., "Adoption of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: The Efficiency and Privacy", in Proceedings of 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2015), Singapore, July 5-9, 2015.

Li, H. and Wu, J., "The War in the Wearable Device Market: The Analysis from Economic Perspective", in Proceedings of 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2014), Chengdu, China, June 26-28, 2014.


Second place in 29th Annual Student Research Forum, University of Memphis, 2017