2004 hackbarth

The net-enabled business innovation cycle (NEBIC) model describes a path by which firms employ dynamic capabilities to leverage net-enablement. Some firms strategically aspire to follow this path in a more gradual fashion striving for business process improvements (incremental strategy) while others aspire to exploit rapidly net-enablement to achieve business innovation (leapfrogging strategy) that offers completely new market opportunities. Study results suggest that firms adopt accelerated leapfrogging strategies when faced with more severe external competitive pressures. This combined with strong leadership, a propensity to embrace internal user involvement, IT maturity, and an accommodating firm structure, as indicated by path accelerators, result in higher aspirations for business innovation. Firms shying away from leapfrogging strategies tend to protect existing customers and employees from more radical changes. These firms sometimes lacked the internal capability to enact more aggressive strategies and thus had to acquire the necessary capabilities before aspiring for business innovation.