2009 Hennington Abstract

This study outlines the findings of a qualitative study designed to develop an understanding of nurses$#146; experiences using an electronic medical record system (EMR) in a mandatory usage context. Drawing upon the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, a combined deductive/inductive research approach was adopted to study nurses working in an urban hospital system. This approach allowed for an in-depth study of the nature and structure of mandated information systems (IS) use in a healthcare context. We found that understanding the relationship between key technology acceptance constructs and system use required a multidimensional conceptualization of usage – something not commonly found in the IS literature. We identified three facets important to gaining a holistic understanding of nurses$#146; use of EMR technology: time spent using the system, timing of use, and mode of use. We empirically demonstrate that the dimensions of IS use can be mandated and internalized to varying degrees even within the same organization, and that the predictors of use can be differentially associated with the dimensions of use given the degree of the mandate