Network Enabled Meta-Search Tool Journal of Information Technology Management

Knowledge management in organizations is typically found at three levels, the individual level, group level, and the organizational level. Information technology enables the collection of data in knowledge repositories at each organizational level providing a structure of a knowledge sourcing system (KSS). A dilemma occurs when the various repositories are underutilized due to the inability to perform a thorough and encompassing search incorporating all of the available data. We present a framework to help define the data contained within KSSs at each level and how that data is created from knowledge acquired at each level of the enterprise. We also position a potential technological solution, a Network Enabled meta-SearchTool (NEST), which enables organizations to tap into disparate KSSs across their network(s) and utilize their collective knowledge. Lastly, we present illustrations of organizations who have implemented NEST technology and the associated issues surrounding its implementation to provide some initial lessons concerning effective deployment of this emerging technology.