2013 kettinger

This study frames antecedents of effective information use, outlining a nomological network that firms follow to achieve integrated information delivery and effective information use. Our focus is on senior business executives' assessment of information delivered by their organizations' information systems. We first clarify the definition of information as it relates to information delivery and effective use. Then, drawing from institutional theory and the resource-based view of the firm, we propose a research model consisting of external institutional pressure, internal information systems (IS) resources, integrated information delivery, and effective information use and empirically test it through a field survey of senior business executives and post hoc qualitative analysis. Our findings position information delivery as an important research construct leading to effective information use and value. Our study also highlights the important role of the IS function as a facilitator of effective information use and a nurturer of a strong information culture in organizations. Finally, we offer practical advice on how senior executives assess and improve integrated information delivery and effective use.