Executive Research

The following articles published by the MIS department faculty, have been selected for their practical value to business executives. Below are the articles and the abstracts, which summarize the articles' subjects and findings. If you have further interest in receiving a full copy of any article, please contact the respective faculty member.

  • "Data Monetization: Lessons from a Retailer's Journey," Najjar, M.S., & Kettinger, W.J., 2013. MIS Quarterly Executive, 12(4) pp. 213-225. Abstract

  • "CIO and Business Executive Leadership Approaches to Establishing Company-Wide Information Orientation," Kettinger, W.J., Zhang, C. and Marchand, D.A., 2011. MIS Quarterly Executive (10:4), pp. 157-174. Abstract

  • "Designing Enterprise IT Architectures to Optimize Flexibility and Standardization in Global Business," Kettinger, W.J., Marchand, D.M., and Davis, J., 2010. MIS Quarterly Executive (9:2), pp. 95-113. Abstract

  • "The Requisite Variety of Skills for IT Professionals," Gallagher, Kevin, Kaiser, K, Simon, J., Beath, C., and Goles, T. 2010. Communications of the ACM (53:6), pp. 144-148.

  • "Managing the Vendor Set: Achieving Best Pricing and Quality Service in IT Outsourcing," Poston, R. S., Kettinger, W.J., and Simon, J.C. 2009. MIS Quarterly Executive (8:12), pp. 45-58. Abstract

  • "Freedom to Cooperate: Gaining Clarity into Knowledge Integration in Information Systems Development Teams." Janz, B.D. and Prasarnphanich, P. 2009. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (56:4), pp. 621-635. Abstract

  • "Creating Better Governance of Off-shoring Services," Simon, J.C., Poston, R. S., and Kettinger, W.J. 2009. Information Systems Management (26:2), pp. 110-122. Abstract

  • "Technology solutions for data accuracy and availability problems in healthcare records," Poston, R., Reynolds, R., and Gillenson, M. 2007. Information Systems Management (24:1), pp. 59-71. Abstract

  • "The Information Technology Workforce: Trends and Implications 2005-2008," Zwieg, P., Kaiser, K.M., Beath, C. M., Bullen, C., Gallagher, K.P., Goles, T., Howland, J., and Simon, J. C. 2006. MIS Quarterly Executive (6:2), pp. 101 -108. Abstract

  • "Zones of Tolerance: Alternative Scales for Measuring Information Systems Service Quality," Kettinger, W.J. and Lee, C.C. 2005. MIS Quarterly (29:4), pp. 607-623. Abstract

  • "Spyware: A View from the (Online) Street," Poston, R., Stafford, T., and Hennington A. 2005. Communications of the ACM (48:8), pp. 96-99. Abstract

  • "Back to the Future with RFID: Lessons Learned – Some Old, Some New," Janz, B. D., Pitts, M. G., and Otondo. R. F. 2005. Communications of the AIS (15:7), pp. 132-148. Abstract

  • "Retail store layout characteristics as a mechanism for enhancing customer relationships in a retail web site environment," Martin, C. A., Gillenson, M. L., Bush, R. P., and Sherrell, D. L. 2004. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising (1:4), pp. 413-430. Abstract

  • "The Contribution of IT Governance Solutions to the Implementation of Data Warehouse Practice," Sujitparapitaya, S., Gillenson, M. L., and Janz, B. D. 2003. Journal of Database Management (14:2), pp. 52-69. Abstract

  • Information Orientation: The Link to Business Performance. Marchand, D. A., Kettinger W. J., and Rollins J. D. 2002.Oxford UK: Oxford University Press, Book. 314p. ISBN: 0-19-925221-1. Abstract

  • Making the Invisible, Visible: How Companies Win with the Right Information, People and IT. Marchand, D. A., Kettinger W. J., and Rollins J. D. 2001.Chichester and New York: John Wiley Publishing, Book. 300p. ISBN: 0-471-49609-X. Abstract

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  • "Building an E-business strategy," Hackbarth, G., and Kettinger, W. J. 2000. Information Systems Management (17:3), pp. 78-93. Abstract