eRate Fee Information

eRate (Out-of-State Tuition)
This tuition is assessed on a per-hour basis, with no maximum.

eRate tuition (replace standard out-of-state tuition at a reduced rate) is assessed to students who are classified as non-residents of the State of Tennessee and enrolled in all online courses (instructional method of "Web"). Students taking online and ANY on-campus course (NOT instructional method of "Web") will be assessed the standard out-of-state tuition for all enrolled courses. 

Note:  If you are enrolled in a U of M Global Online Degree Program eRate does not apply for MXX courses.

The following courses are eligible for eRate:

  • TN eCampus – Sections Rxx
  • U of M Online – Sections Mxx (Not enrolled in Global Online Degree Program)
  • U of M Online – Completely Numeric Sections xxx (ex. 410)

eRate tuition is calculated as 50% of the Maintenance fee at the same matriculation level and is assessed on a per hour basis, with no maximum.

Example: the Undergraduate Maintenance fee is $320.00 per hour; the corresponding eRate is $160.00 per hour.


UG eRate Fee Chart

GR eRate Fee Chart