First Year Students Advising Information

1) Students must meet with their advisor each semester to assess their programs choose courses and be cleared to register for classes for the next semester.

2) In October, you should contact the advisor for your major to set up an appointment for Spring course selection.

3) Advising is a shared responsibility between students and their advisor.

4) Prepare for your advising appointment with these suggestions.

5) Learn about your major and responsibilities by reading these sections of the Undergraduate Catalog:

  • College and Degree Programs (your major in the College of Arts & Sciences section)
  • Academic Regulations
  • Graduation from the University.

Tips for Student Success:

1) Attend New Student Convocation. Visit the New Student Convocation Website for date and time.

2) Go to class.

3) Prepare before every class.

4) Review after every class.

5) Study as you go instead of cramming the night before.

6) Make academic success your first priority.

7) Introduce yourself to your instructor.

8) Get to know your classmates.

9) Create a good balance for your personal life, academics, and work.

10) Explore career and major options.

11) Set high expectations for yourself.

12) Learn from students who were able to Finish in Four.

13) Ask your advisor or your college advisor, Patsy Krech (pakrech@memphis.edu) if you need help.

14) Take advantage of university resources for educational support and involvement.

15) Update your True Blue Life Channel on the Student tab in myMemphis.

Other Resources:

CAS Undergraduate Advising Website

Registration and class information on the Registrar Website.

University Advising Website.