Pre Health Advising

The information below is provided by:

Cody Clinton, Pre-Health Advisor |Email: cwsacks@memphis.edu

Pre Health Professions Minor

The University of Memphis will begin offering the Pre Health Professions Minor to students interested in pursuing a health profession. This minor will allow students to finish prerequisite courses for health colleges including Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy, PA, PT, OT, and MLS. For a complete list of courses that can apply to the minor please  link to the UofM Undergraduate catalog. 

Online Prerequisites

As many faculty and staff work to help students reach their goal of gaining entrance into a health college, I wanted to ensure all that we have been working with deans of admissions to make sure that our students maintain competitiveness during the Covid 19 pandemic. This has included getting approval from all health profession schools In the state, including UTHSC, ETSU, BCHS, Union University, and NYITCOM in Arkansas. We have ensured that students with online credits, including science lectures and labs, will still be acceptable when they pursue admissions. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at cwsacks@memphis.edu.

Health Professions Fair

Due to the pandemic and an eagerness to keep students and staff safe we will be canceling the Health Professions fair this year, but will be eager to resume in the fall of 2021. In its place, we will instead be hosting weekly information sessions with colleges to ensure that students are still getting an opportunity to communicate and ask questions of schools they are interested in. Once a complete schedule is finalized it will be sent out to students and posted to the Pre health Events page