Chairs/Directors Evaluation of Faculty

The evaluation period has ended for this year.

The site for you to evaluate your faculty on-line will be activated around February 1 of each year. You are evaluating faculty performance for previous calendar year. The site will remain open for a determined amount of time - to be announced each year.  By that time the evaluations must be submitted AND acknowledged.

  • Open the Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Go to https://umwa.memphis.edu/facultyeval/index.php and log in with your uuid and password.
  • Select a faculty member from the drop down list and complete the evaluation form.
  • Information can be copied from a Word document or text file and pasted into the online text boxes.
  • You may save a DRAFT version and return to it later if you wish.
  • Once you have submitted a FINAL version, no changes may be made.
  • After submitting a final version, you must notify the faculty member to review and acknowledge the evaluation. Faculty members will go to the same website and log in with their uuid's and passwords. Faculty members may add comments when they acknowledge the evaluation and you will be able to view the comments.
  • You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with each faculty member to review the evaluation and discuss plans for next year.
  • After all evaluations in your department have been submitted and acknowledged, you should contact Susan Fitzgerald at x2251 to schedule an appointment with Dean Tom Nenon. At that meeting, you will be given a copy of the evaluation comments your faculty submitted regarding your performance in the previous calendar year. You must submit your own planning materials for next year at least 2 days prior to your meeting with the Dean.