About the Pre-Professional Advisor

Jessica Clifford Kelso comes to the College of Arts & Sciences from the College of Health and Human Services at Bowling Green State University where she coordinated their nursing program. Jessica was also responsible for advising students in nursing, healthcare administration and community health programs.

She taught first-year courses on university success, the history of nursing, and study skills. Jessica is originally from Lima, Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel.

She's happy to be at the University of Memphis and is looking forward to being able to play outside with her dog year-round after living through the frigid winters of northwest Ohio.

Her role at the College of Arts & Sciences is to advise students interested in careers in the health sciences and law and to assist these students with their application to professional school. The Pre-professional Advisor is responsible for creating and maintaining programs and services that provide pre-professional students with in-depth information about professional school admissions requirements and an opportunity to interact with professional school admissions officials and practicing professionals.

You can contact Jessica at:

107 Scates Hall
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152
Ph: 901.678.3373
Fx: 901.678.4831