Submitting the Hiring Proposal

  • After the interviews are conducted, the department selects an appointee. The department head should negotiate terms with the selected appointee and compose a draft offer letter.

  • The hiring proposal must be entered in workForum and approved before the official offer letter may be mailed to the candidate.

  • In workForum, change the statuses of interviewees who were not selected and enter a rejection reason.

  • Upload the Final Pool Analysis in the Documents tab.

  • Change the status of the selectee to Recommended for Hire. Then click on Begin Hiring Proposal.

  • Fill out the hiring proposal and upload the Draft Offer Letter. Use the offer letter templates available on the Academic Affairs website.

  • Upload a Reduction in Tenure form, if applicable.

  • Upload a Moving Allowance form, if applicable.

  • Submit the hiring proposal and wait for approvals. The department will receive an email when all approvals are obtained.