Plan My Degree

Check undergraduate catalogue for degree requirements and the four-year plan. NOTE: Be aware of prerequisites (these are introductory courses that must be taken before completing upper division courses) and take courses in the correct order.

Every semester schedule your advising appointment. Check UMDegree for you advisor information. If it is not available call your department. You must meet with your advisor before your alternate pin can be cleared.

Register for classes by the posted deadlines on the Registrar's website.

By the first semester of your senior year, you should begin the graduation checkout process.

Tip: After grades are posted at the end of each semester, print the student copy of your transcript. Check the following:

  • Earned hours: to see how close you are to 120 hours (needed to graduate); at 85 hours you should be starting graduation checkout process
  • UofM GPA (total institution GPA): must be 2.0 to graduate
  • Overall GPA: must be 2.0 to graduate; honors are determined using this GPA

Tip: Check your UM Degree. Make sure that your major, concentration and catalogue are correct. If not, contact Laurie Snyder.


  • As soon as you have registered, make sure your class schedule is correct.
  • Classes required for your major must have a grade no lower than C-. 
  • Your UofM GPA must at all times be a 2.0. 
  • No more than 60 hours can be transferred from a two-year institution.
  • Certain majors have special graduation requirements. Please see your advisor to verify your specific requirements.