CCFA Graduate Student Research Funding


CCFA students enrolled in a master’s degree program with a thesis/practicum component and/or doctoral program (Ph.D. or D.MA.) with a thesis/dissertation project are eligible to apply for graduate student research funding. 

Students may receive a maximum of $3000 in funding for research-related expenses. 

Appropriate research-related expenses include (but are not limited to) the following:

Funding is for a one-year period. Applicants may apply for one (1) no-cost extension (extended time to complete a project without additional funding). A limited amount of funding is available, and selection is made on a competitive basis by each school/college

Application Procedures

Applications will be accepted twice a year:

Applicants should email their application as a single PDF and include the following:

Applications will be reviewed internally by the CCFA Research Committee. Applicants will learn the results of their application within six weeks of the submission deadline.

Funding Completion Timeline

At the end of the funding period, recipients will be expected to submit a 1–2-page (800-word maximum) statement detailing progress and accomplishments to the CCFA Associate Dean.

Those who received the award beginning on January 1, 2023 should submit the report by January 15.2024.

Those who receive the award beginning in July 2023 should submit the report by August 15, 2024.