Chris King

Chris King

Research & Data Analyst

111 Racine Street, Memphis, TN 38111
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Chris King currently serves as Research and Data Analyst at the Center for Community Research and Evaluation. Chris is a double-alum of the University of Memphis, graduating from the Department of Sociology with an M.A. in 2015, and has worked in research and evaluation of regional nonprofits since. Chris specializes in understanding abstract client needs, identifying the often obscure theoretical underpinnings and assumptions of a project and the measures and outcomes that would validate its performance, as well as making research and evaluation findings palatable to diverse audiences. As a member of the CCRE team, Chris has developed research strategies for literacy interventions, helped reorganize data collection and storage processes for maternal home visiting programs, led qualitative data collection for a sexual education and social work program, generated performance metrics for client grant reports, and created final summative reports for a head start collaborative, among many other activities. Chris's research interests include all areas affecting quality of life, such as health, education, ecology, etc., how they affect and are affected by the political economy, and how cultural narratives facilitate and prevent personal autonomy in those processes.


M.A., Sociology, 2015, University of Memphis
B.A., Sociology, 2013, University of Memphis
A.A., Sociology, 2011, Jackson State Community College