Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GMAT required to be admitted? If so, what score should I shoot for?

A GMAT or GRE is necessary for admission into the Customer-Driven MBA.  One exception is for those students who hold a graduate degree already and who have demonstrated academic excellence in their prior graduate studies.  The Customer-Driven MBA is a highly competitive, rigorous program; therefore, accepts students of the highest caliber both academically and professionally. Because this is a non-traditional admissions process, we want to make sure that we include all pertinent information about the applicants to our corporate sponsors who will be interviewing them. We highly recommend candidates have at least a 600 GMAT or 315 GRE or equivalent.

Is there an undergraduate GPA requirement?

We highly recommend students applying to the Customer-Driven MBA have an undergraduate of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.  We do however, encourage students with a lesser GPA to apply as admission to the program is determined on several factors, not just GPA.

How many years of professional experience is necessary to be admitted into this program?

Preferably 2 years of professional experience in a marketing related field.

How much does the program cost me? Is there a stipend included?

The Customer-Driven MBA program is sponsored by Corporations in the Memphis community.  Corporations pay full-tuition for students that they are sponsoring in this program.  In addition to a free tuition, students will receive $27,000 over the 17-month duration of the program.

Would I be eligible for additional scholarships through the University?

No. You will not be eligible for additional scholarships through the University or Fogelman College. We do encourage you to research private scholarships; however.

Where are the Corporate Sponsors located?

Corporate Sponsors are located in the Memphis / West Tennessee Region.

What types of companies are sponsoring the CDMBA?

Currently the Corporate Partner associated with this program is in the marketing and information systems industries.

What if I decide that I do not want to work for the Corporate Partner after I graduate from the CDMBA program?

Corporate Sponsors are paying your tuition and stipend for you during the 17-month period of the program with an understanding that you work for them a minimum of 2 years after you graduate. If you cannot work for the Corporate Sponsor during this time, you will simply need to reimburse the Corporate Sponsor for the funds that it provided to sponsor you through the program.

When does the Customer-Driven MBA program begin? Can I join in the spring?

The Customer-Driven MBA begins in the fall semester. It is the objective of the University to establish a collaborative environment among high-caliber students going through the Customer-Driven MBA program. To do this, we feel that it is important to have all new coming students begin together in the fall semesters; hence, students will only be admitted to the program beginning in the fall semesters. The University will not admit students into spring semesters for the Customer-Driven MBA.