Corporate Sponsors

Through the Fogelman College of Business & Economics’ Customer-driven MBA program, companies will get students who have held apprentice positions in their companies for the past 17 months, thus can immediately hit the road running. Companies also have the option of not hiring the student if s/he does not meet their performance standards; thereby, eliminating candidates without incurring significant costs. Companies will have the option to “tailor and customize” their future employees to meet the needs of their company and industry. Talent, employee recruitment, relocation, learning and the challenges associated with all of these elements in employee relations will be drastically reduced through this partnership program:

  • The sponsoring corporate partners will benefit by having qualified professionals trained with specific industry-related education and company-specific processes; skills that they would not otherwise be able to acquire from any other MBA program.
  • The company will reap the rewards of having an experienced professional working for the company throughout the program with a possible extended commitment of employment for a minimum of 2 years post-graduation.
  • New-coming employees will not only have an exceptional graduate education, they will also encompass the exact skills and knowledge necessary to effectively operate in the industry in which they were trained with 17 months of hands-on field experience in the sponsoring company.

It is the goal of the Fogelman College of Business & Economics to collaborate with the Memphis corporate community in supporting a greater talent pool of students and employees with specialized skills that are both practical and transferable. Join us now for this exceptional opportunity.

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