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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I be certain that my professional development interests and needs are met through the activities provided by the Office of Faculty and Staff Development (OFSD)?
    There several avenues for communicating your professional development interests and needs. You may communicate your needs and interests to the following:
    • Your departmental representative to the Faculty Development Advisory Committee
    • Your department chair
    • The OFSD via written feedback following each professional development activities hosted by the OFSD
    • The OFSD via e-mail
  2. How can I find out about the kind of faculty and staff development activities that have been held in the past?
    The OFSD FAQ web page provides a list of faculty and staff development activities conducted in past years that you may want to have repeated to meet your interest and needs.

  3. What is the procedure for assigning mentors for new faculty and staff?
    The department chair or unit director has the responsibility for assigning mentors to both new faculty and staff members.

  4. How long should I expect to have a mentor?
    It is recommended that a faculty or staff member who is new to the profession would profit from a minimum of two years with a mentor. Some individuals may require a mentor relationship for a longer period of time, whereas a faculty or staff member who is new to the College but not to the profession may need a shorter period of time with an assigned mentor.

  5. How often and how long can I expect that my mentor will work with me during the school or fiscal year?
    There may be periods of time at the beginning of your tenure as faculty or staff member that you may want to have contact with your mentor very often. After you get settled, you may want to consider meeting your mentor on a monthly basis. Sessions may include both formal and informal (social) depending on your orientation needs. If you are a faculty member, it would be helpful if you would schedule your first meeting before the beginning of classes or not later than the first week of classes.

  6. What is the procedure for acquiring a new mentor if a mentor-mentee is not compatible?
    You should consult with your department chair or unit on the process for changing mentors.

  7. Will requesting a change of a mentor affect my chances for promotion or tenure?
    Changing mentors should not be related to the promotion and tenure process.

Is there a common guide for the mentoring process which assures that all faculty and staff are exposed to similar or the same information and resources?

1. A common mentoring checklist is available for use by faculty members that was developed by the Faculty Development Advisory Committee with input from faculty and administrators from all units in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences.

 2. What activities have been conducted in the past by the Office of Faculty and Staff Development?










Additional questions that you would like to see in the FAQ? Send to Georgette Kearney

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