Counselor Education and Supervision (PhD)

Concentration Coordinator

Stephen Zanskas Ph.D., CRC
Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research
College of Education, Patterson 119D
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152

Counselor Education and Supervision (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program in Counseling is designed to prepare advanced professional practitioners in counseling, counselor education and counselor supervision with particular program emphases on multicultural and urban settings. Entry into the program presumes a master's degree in counseling wherein one has acquired knowledge and skills in human development, helping relationships, group counseling, lifestyle and career development, assessment techniques, research and evaluation and clinical experiences in applied settings. The Ph.D. is designed for individuals seeking advanced preparation as educational leaders in the roles of counselor educator, counselor supervisor, professional counselor, and researcher. The Ph.D. is not appropriate for individuals seeking preparation or licensure as a psychologist.

Program objectives are: (1) comprehension of concepts and theories underlying the profession of counseling; (2) ability to collect, analyze, and interpret individual and group data, and to generate and test hypotheses related to human behavior; (3) ability to effectively counsel in both individual and group settings: (4) ability to formulate, implement, and evaluate appropriate counseling programs and interventions; (5) ability to understand and demonstrate ethical behavior and the legal and ethical implications of that behavior; and (6) development of sensitivity and understanding of the needs of persons who are culturally different, including the ability to (a) examine attitudes and myths regarding the culturally different and (b) the sociopolitical forces impacting the culturally different client.

The 2019-20 version of the Ed.D. in Counseling and the Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision Student Handbook provides prospective and admitted students with policies and procedures to assist them as they progress through the requirements of the COUN doctoral program.

Download the 2019-20 version of the Ed.D. in Counseling and the Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision Student Handbook

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Program Deadlines

Fall Semester Application Deadline: March 1

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