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The majority of students enter with a Master's degree, and complete 99 credit hours during the doctoral program. Students who completed courses in their master's programs that substantially overlap with those required for the doctoral program (including scientific foundation areas of psychology - e.g., biological, cognitive-affective) may petition to substitute those master's level courses in; this does not decrease the total number of hours (n = 99) required for the doctoral program. Two students in the above table entered prior to completing a Master's degree and were required to complete more than 99 hours.


Financial Information:

List of Program Costs

The Graduate School considers full-time enrollment to be 9 hours during Fall and Spring semesters, although the majority of students in the Counseling Psychology program enroll in a minimum of 12 hours per semester if they wish to complete the program in four years. Tuition costs above are based on 12 hours during Fall and Spring semesters and 6 hours in Summer semester. Tuition totals above include the university program fees. Students on graduate assistantships are charged at the in-state tuition level. Although the department cannot guarantee funding for all students at the time of admission, all students who have desired a graduate assistantship in the last 10 years have been provided with one.

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