About Our Courses

The Educational Psychology and Research (EDPR) Program offers its graduate-level courses for Ph.D. and M.S. students together on campus. Currently, online courses are mainly for M.S. students. M.S. students will complete a 30-credit-hour program, including 27 credit-hours of coursework in the major and 3 for the capstone research project. All of our graduate-level courses are taught by instructors with terminal degrees.

EDPR Ph.D. students will build a 54-credit-hour program of studies in consultation with their advisors during the first academic year, including 42 credit hours of coursework and 12 for the dissertation. 

All graduate students are expected to complete required courses on research and educational psychology and are encouraged to take elective courses that align with their own research interests.

To learn more about the core course requirements for the Ph.D. Program or the M.S. Program, visit the Course Catalog >.