About the Ph.D. Degree

Yeh Hsueh, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology Program Coordinator
100 Ball Hall
(901) 679-5091 (phone)
(901) 678-5114 (FAX)

Yonghong (Jade) Xu, Ph.D.
Educational Research Program Coordinator
100 Ball Hall
(901) 678-5026 (phone)
(901) 678-5114 (FAX)

The Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology and Research is designed to broaden a doctoral student’s intellectual and professional horizons. The Ph.D. graduate from the program will be most marketable to the academic and professional communities. Upon graduation, those holding a Ph.D. are expected to demonstrate prominent leadership among their peers in their academic and professional careers.

We accept both part-time and full-time students. The expectations of student participation and performance, as long as the requirements for degree completion, are the same for both part- and full-time students.

Becoming a Ph.D. Student

Upon acceptance into the program, each student is assigned an advisor with whom the student will work closely during her/his tenure in the graduate program. Ph.D. students are expected to develop clear goals in their chosen research areas. They must not only meet the program requirements, but must also follow the apprenticeship model of conducting social science research. This is facilitated by involvement in various research projects and group activities. The program faculty monitors Ph.D. students’ progress through participation in the colloquium, the research groups, conference presentations, publication efforts, and annual performance evaluations. 

Full-time students in the Ph.D. program are eligible to receive funding via Research and Teaching Assistantships. Our RAs and TAs receive tuition remission and a monthly stipend.

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