Spring 2018 Conference Presentations

American Educational Research Association (AERA)
NYC, April 13-17, 2018

"Can You Hear Me Now?" Hip-Hop, Identity Development, and Personal Epistemological Worldviews of Black Girls
Ashley Payne (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)

The Educational and Professional Experiences of African American Female Law School Students: A Qualitative Inquiry
Chloe Lancaster (University of South Florida), Yongong Jade Xu (University of Memphis), and Elin Ovrebo (University of Memphis)

Meeting of the Waters: Death and the Global Materialities of Litter
Susan Naomi Nordstrom (University of Memphis) & Margaret Somerville (University of Western Sydney)

Multigoal Latent Profiles Using the Achievement Goal Questionnaire–Revised and Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales: Comparison of Educational Outcomes
Sean Holden (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis), Leigh M. Harrell-Williams (University of Memphis, Christian E. Mueller (University of Memphis), & Martin H. Jones (University of New Mexico).

Veiled Aggression: Saudi Women International Students' Experiences of Microcolonization in the United States
Katharina A. Azim (University of Buffalo-SUNY) & Alison Happel-Parkins (University of Memphis)

"Where's the Meat?" Ethics, Schooling, and the Food Regimes of the Animal-Industrial Complex
Alison Happel-Parkins (University of Memphis) & John Joseph Lupinacci (Washington State University-Pullman).

Writing Intensions in Post-Qualitative Educational Research
Susan Naomi Nordstrom (University of Memphis), Discussant

International Objective Measurement Workshop
April 10-12, 2018, NYC

Applying the Mixture Rasch Model to the Middle Grades Self-Efficacy to Teach Statistics (SETS-MS) Instrument.
Leigh Harrell-Williams (University of Memphis), J.N. Lovett (Tennessee State University), M.A. Sorto (Texas State University), R.L. Pierce (Ball State University), L.M. Lesser. (The University of Texas at El Paso), & T.J. Murphy  (University of Cincinnati)

Society for Research on Adolescence
April 13, 2018, Minneapolis, MN

 Loneliness, Instagram Use, and Social Adjustment to College: Implications for First-Generation College Students
Angela Robinson (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis) & Chia-chen Yang (University of Memphis)

Online Social Comparison of Ability (but Not Opinion) Predicts Poor Identity Clarity: Identity Processing Style as a Mediator
Chia-chen Yang (University of Memphis), Mollie Carter (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis), & Sean Holden (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)

A Pathway to Compulsive Use of Social Media: Entrapment as a Mediator
Mollie Carter (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis), Chia-chen Yang (University of Memphis), & Sean Holden (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)

International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
Champaign-Urbana, IL, Friday May 18, 2018

Creating Outside the Box
Sara Benson (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)

Intentions and Repercussions of Revitalization: Urban Geographical Research Using Walking Methodology 
Lauren Woods (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)

“Just Relax and Loosen Up:” The Un/Under/Misdiagnoses of Women’s Painful Sex
Katharina A. Azim (University at Buffalo SUNY) and Alison Happel-Parkins (University of Memphis)

Rejecting the Master’s Tools and the Whole House: Mentoring Students to Conduct Critical Qualitative Research 
Kakali Bhattacharya (Kansas State University), Venus Evans-Winters (Illinois State University), Susan Nordstrom (University of Memphis), Jasmine Brooke Ulmer (Wayne State University), and Teara Lander (Kansas State University)

Walking-with Chaos and Community Transformation
Alyssa Nucaro (Doctoral Student, University of Memphis)