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Daniel L. Baker, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry Department

3744 Walker Ave., 423 Smith Chemistry, Memphis, TN 38152
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About Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Memphis in 2006, following three years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Research in the Baker lab focuses on the analysis and characterization of bioactive lipids (lysophosphatidic acid, sphingosine 1-phosphate, and phosphatidic acid) and their roles in human biochemistry and disease. The overall goal of the lab is to better understand the mechanisms by which these specific bioactive lipids are produced and how they elicit their responses. A deeper understanding of these processes may open doors for the design of future therapeutics. Dr. Baker's expertise lies in the application of analytical biochemistry to the study of enzyme function. Research projects are conducted through interdisciplinary interactions with collaborators within the University of Memphis and beyond. Dr. Baker's major teaching focus has been CHEM3511, Foundations of Bioorganic Chemistry since 2010. However, he has also taught special topic courses on Chemical Biology and Protein Mass Spectrometry.