What's cookin' for the kiddos.

Outside of play time, snacks and meals are some of our favorite times of the day. We want the meals to be well-balanced and provide the energy and nutrients kids need for normal growth, health and happiness. Our meals are catered as part of the Child and Adult Food Care program. 

MEAL & SNACK TIMES: We serve a light breakfast (8:00 am to 8:30 am), lunch (11:30 am), afternoon snacks (2:00 pm and 3:30 pm), and evening dinner (6:30 pm) to the children who are enrolled during this time. Milk is served at all meals.

The Center reports our meal counts daily to the caterer. In order to provide an adequate count, parents must notify the center when their child will be late or not attending. If a child has not arrived within 30 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, the child is considered absent and will not be included in the meal count. It is then up to the parent to provide that meal.

Check the Parent Board each week to view the weekly lunch and dinner menu as well as the snack menu. You might want to check these menus regularly to become aware of the types of foods your child will have at the Center.