Career Development Workshops



Monday, July 06 | 2PM | Professionalism Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach students professional etiquette and skills that will make them a stronger job applicant and a more polished employee.

Instructor: Ayanna Perkins

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Wednesday, July 08 | 2PM | Building Your Resume

Attendees will learn how to create and build a stronger resume and gain insight on what employers are looking for.

Instructor: Alison Goodwin

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Thursday, July 09 | 12:20- 2 PM | STEM: Effective Interviewing Techniques

Students will learn to use the STAR method and effective interviewing techniques for in person and online interviewing.

Instructor: Dr. Jada Meeks

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Friday, July 10 | 2 PM | Writing Your Cover letter

Students will learn tools to help them write a professional cover letter.

Instructor: Ayanna Perkins

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Monday, July 13 | 2 PM | How to Create and Use a LinkedIn Profile

This workshop will go over the basics of creating a professional LinkedIn Profile and will familiarize students with its tools and features.

Instructor: Emily Wolfe

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Wednesday, July 15 | 2 PM | Techniques for a Successful Interview

Students will learn etiquette and techniques that will make them a stronger interviewee and job candidate. 

Instructor: Dr. Kathy Tuberville

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Thursday, July 16 | 2 PM | How to Find Jobs in STEM

This workshop is designed to give STEM students tools and resources to help assist their job-search process after graduation.

Instructor: Dr. Jada Meeks

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Friday, July 17 | 2 PM | How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

This workshop is designed to teach students the proper process and etiquette when requesting a letter of recommendation from a UofM faculty or staff member.

Instructor: Dr. Dennis Laumann

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Monday, July 20 | 2 PM | How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In this workshop, students will learn how to best use their LinkedIn Profile to make connections with recruiters and access career opportunities.

Instructor: Ayanna Perkins 

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Wednesday, July 22 | 2 PM | Life After Graduation: Employment Based Visas

Students will learn, from an experienced attorney, the pathways to obtaining an employment-based visa.

Instructor: Adam Cohen, Esq. Siskind and Susser Law Firm

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Thursday, July 23 | 1-3 PM | STEM: Mock Interview with Employers

Students can register to use the the skills that they've learned through the webinar series in a live mock interview with real employers.

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