Why ASIT ?

Preparing and educating a globally-savvy workforce.

China has become the most important trading partner with the United States. In today’s increasingly globalized world, American companies need employees who possess the skills to function in a global market, particularly in Asia. The Asian Studies and International Trade (ASIT) program at the University of Memphis provides students with the critical combination of skills that progressive companies seek.

The ASIT Program offers the following:

    • Study Abroad Opportunities with Scholarship Potential
    • Increased Language Skills in Chinese* and Japanese*
    • Expand Cultural Awareness of China and Japan
    • Enhanced Globalization Skills and Awareness
    • Hands-On Global Opportunities via Internships
    • Increased Business Knowledge in International Trade
    • Advanced Language Proficiency in Chinese and Japanese

For additional information about the ASIT program, please visit the Asian Studies and International Trade website or contact our office at 901.678.2595.

*Students will now also receive an automatic minor in the language path they choose by declaring the minor. To declare a Chinese or Japanese Minor, please go to Scates Hall Room 107 or speak with your advisor.