Your lifestyle at Hubei.


Hubei University provides an Academic Exchange Center (International Student Residence Hall) for all our international students.

Two students share one room. All rooms are all equipped with two beds, beddings, TV, Internet access, telephone, microwave oven, desk, wardrobe, private restroom, shower facilities, laundry room, and more conveniences.

The campus is comprehensive in scope, with facilities like a library, hospital, bank, post office, sports stadium, gym, supermarket, student cafeteria, and more — all within walking distance from the student residence hall. The popular tourist attraction, scenic Shahu Lake, is located next to Hubei University.

Accommodation fee: 800 RMB per month per student. 


Every year, a variety of extra-curricular activities are designed specially for our international students — Chinese Culture Experience Activities, Chinese Traditional Appreciation Festival, International Culture Festivals, Art Performances, Drama Performances, Talent Shows, Sports Competitions, etc. These activities let you immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and fully appreciate all that this amazing part of the world has to offer.